AEW Weekly for 8/13/20 (Tag Team Appreciate Night!) | Review

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AEW Weekly News and Notes for 8/13/20

  •  Chris Jericho has been receiving backlash from fans when it was revealed that his band Fozzy played a concert that saw no social distancing practices or masks.
  • Jericho also Tweeted out that he is officially banning Jim Cornette from watching any AEW shows.
  • Sammy Guevara was in deep waters after throwing that wrong chair at Matt Hardy leading him to get 10 stitches in his head.
  • Brandi Rhodes recently left Twitter due to negative feedback and bullying on the AEW Heels subscription service.

Dynamite Review

Getting some flashbacks to when times were normal because some fans are in the crowd! All wearing masks of course, and tested per JR making the introduction.

The Young Bucks vs. The Dark Order

The Young Bucks made their entrance, but before they had the chance to enter the ring the rest of The Dark Order attacked them. But hey, at least they got their cash cannon off.

Matt Jackson was still left on the entrance ramp leaving Nick to fend for himself. Evil Uno sat on the middle rope which sent a running nick to the floor. The rest of The Dark Order started pouncing on him, but Matt collected himself and did a front flip off the stage landing on his feet.

Nick Jackson later in the match claimed that he’s got the best come back in the business. He ain’t lyin folks. He also picked up the win by countering The Dark Orders finish and rolled up Evil Uno.

AEW Weekly for 8/13/20

MJF’s Candidate Address

Next, we saw MJF walking down the hall. He took a nice jab at his extra work for NXT when he was security for Samoa Joe and was pushed back. So of course, he did that to another extra.

He then was in the ring making another speech. Berating Nina for not smiling, and then introducing some fixed polling numbers. Then laying down in the center of the ring to add emphasis that Moxley is used to people laying down for him.

Cue Moxley’s music. MJF has shook by this and ordered his team to block the stadium entrances. But of course, Moxley finally enters like the rest of the talent and punishes MJF for his words. He then grabbed a mic cutting a promo on MJF with a nice appearance from Tony Khan in the back.

Scorpio Sky vs. Cody – TNT Championship Match

JR was hyping this match as a real potential match of the year candidate. Scorpio made true of his words and literally kicked the door down in his entrance.

Cody came out with his full entourage. Rocking the finished TNT Championship belt that looks much better than the all silver. The tale of the tape showed a great match up with both competitors only losing one match in 2020, but Cody holding ten more wins over Sky.

AEW Weekly for 8/13/20
Photo / AEW

It appears that Cody is now dubbing himself the Prince of Pro Wrestling. In a pleasant surprise, Mike Chioda who was recently released by WWE is the official for this match!

In a short match, and certainly not even close to match of the year, Cody picked up the win planting sky with a second Cross-Rhodes.

After the match, Mr. Brodie Lee calls out Cody and challenges him while holding the old silver TNT Championship.

Jurassic Express vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page – AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Jurassic Express comes out and Luchasaurus shouts out his mom into the camera and apparently this is a title match now.

Photo / AEW

This match, unfortunately, saw a lot of botches from Jungle Boy. The match was still entertaining and saw Marco Stunt do his best to get back at Omega for his previous after the bell beatdown. Omega and Hangman continue their undefeated 2020, but tensions still continue to rise.

Tag Team Appreciation Presentation

In what started as an appreciation for the four veterans in the ring ending with turmoil. Tully grabbed the mic and went after Arn about his lasting issue when Arn spine-bustered Shawn Spears at Double or Nothing. He wonders what the Nightmare family is about as Spears starts coming down the entrance.

AEW Weekly for 8/13/20
Photo / AEW

Tully hits Morton and the ring clears. FTR hits Morton with his knee brace and they give him a spike piledriver as the Bucks were occupied. It appears that FTR and The Elite have some issues to resolve.

Hikaru Shida vs. Heather Monroe

Back from commercial, and a quick match for Shida to build up steam before All Out. A match less than 3 minutes is not the best response to fan backlash about a lackluster women’s division. Alas, Shida made the claim that she’s still ready, and waiting for the next challenger.

AEW Weekly for 8/13/20

Main Event: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy came out trying right away. He was serious about beating Jericho. Before the match, Jericho told Chioda to call it down the middle hinting to go his way. When the time came, he prevented Jericho from using the bat.

With Jericho distracting Chioda, Santana & Ortiz came in to rush Cassidy, but Trent and Chuck Taylor stopped them before getting to the ring. However, with all of this chaos going on Hager came around the side and planted Cassidy.

AEW Weekly for 8/13/20
Photo / AEW

Orange was not going to give in that easy. Jericho later went for the Judas Effect, but OC ducked it putting Jericho in an awkward pinning predicament for the win.

It’s a good thing Cassidy won because I’m not so sure he had the $7000 to pay Jericho back. This was AEW Dynamite Weekly Review for 8/13/20.