AEW Weekly for 10/21/20 | Steaks, Showtunes & Lots of Superkicks

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AEW Weekly News for 10/21/20

  • Alex Reynolds was reportedly knocked out during the Dynamite main event this week. Reynolds and Silver competed in the AEW Tag Team Contender match during Dynamite. Private Party had hit a double team move off the top rope where they crashed down on Reynold’s head. Reynolds was dragged out of the ring by Blade. He later walked back up the ramp and is said to be ok.
  • Cody Rhodes and AEW celebrated this week as AEW Dynamite overtook WWE in the UK ratings for the first time since it’s creation.
  • AEW replaced Joey Janela with Sonny Kiss for his match against Kenny Omega in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. This decision was made due to Janela being exposed to the COVID-19 virus at an indie wrestling show he competed in last week.
  • Kris Statlander sat down with Wrestling Inc this week and provided an update on her return to AEW. Statlander injured her ACL on the June 10th episode of Dynamite as has been going through rehab and surgery since then. Statlander stated,
‘I’m doing pretty good. I think from what I’ve heard overall is that I might be a little bit ahead of others where I’m at right now, but I still have a real long way to go before I can re-debut.So I’ll be able to get in the ring before you’ll see me back on TV. It could be another eight months or so.”

And now for your AEW Weekly for 10/21/20 Dynamite review!…

AEW Weekly for 10/21/20
AEW Dynamite Review

The show focused this week on the brand new AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. The first four matches took place on last night’s Dynamite. Kenny Omega faced Sonny Kiss, Colt Cabana faced Hangman Adam Page. Also, Wardlow faced Jungle Boy and Pentagon Jr faced his younger brother Fenix. Dynamite also featured a tag team tournament between Private Party, Young Bucks, Butcher & Blade, and Alex Reynolds & John Silver to decide who will be the number one contender for the AEW Wolrd Tag Team Championships.

Wardlow vs Jungle Boy (w/ Jurassic Express)

The first match in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament featured Wardlow versus Jungle Boy. An interesting matchup of a high flying Jungle Boy and a hard-hitting monster Wardlow. Jungle Boy attempted to use his high flying ability and speed to break down Wardlow slowly. Jungle focused on repeat hits giving Wardlow no time to recover. Though it only took one catch for Wardlow to slam him spine first into the steel ring post. Wardlow continued his domination but Jungle Boy refused to give up. Kicking out of every pin attempt and tried to fight back.

Jungle Boy started to show some fight as he knocked Wardlow out of the ring. He flew out after him repeatedly smashing into Wardlow’s back. Back in the ring Jungle Boy hit a DDT and attempted a pin but Wardlow kicked out and then stood straight back up. Wardlow had Jungle Boy set up on his shoulders on the top rope but Jungle Boy reversed. Jungle Boy hit multiple big moves but it was still only a two count.

Wardlow escaped onto the entrance ramp, Jungle Boy followed attempting a DDT but Wardlow caught him once again and hit the F10. Another F10 mid-ring won the match for Wardlow. He goes through to the next round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

Winner: Wardlow

AEW Weekly for 10/21/20
Sonny Kiss vs Kenny Omega

After Joey Janela was pulled out of this match up at the last minute due to being exposed to COVID-19, Sonny Kiss was thrown into the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament against Kenny Omega. Omega’s new attitude was on full display during his entrance as he was accompanied by dancers with brooms and his dead crow jacket was nowhere to see. Omega hit one V-trigger and the One-Winged Angel to advance to the next round. Omega won the match in 30 seconds and then helped Kiss up, cuddled him, and even raised his hand.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Rey Fenix vs Pentagon Jr

Brother versus brother featured in our third match within the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. A show of love between the two started the match up before all mention of being brothers was quickly forgotten. Both men attempted to take control early on. Pentagon attempted to slow his brother down and stop his high flying moves. Fenix escaped many of Pentagon’s moves. He was eventually grounded for a brief moment as Pentagon repeatedly kicked his ribs. Fenix flew off the ground and came straight back at Pentagon, his brother was not impressed. And so a chopping contest started.

Pentagon attempted the pile driver on the ring apron but Fenix knocked him down and flew off the top rope. Fenix climbed the ropes once again but was knocked down by his brother. Pentagon then delivered some huge kicks to his younger sibling, slowing the pace right down. Back outside the ring, Pentagon continued control with more kicks. Before he threw Fenix into the guard barrier. Pentagon’s pace became a little too slow though as it gave Fenix the opportunity to raise back to his feet and knock Pentagon back.

Back in the ring, Fenix delivered several hits to Pentagon Jr but Pentagon reversed to a huge kick and a swing blade off the middle rope. But could only garner a two count. Fenix hit a huge head scissors off the top rope. But again wasn’t able to get up to take advantage. Pentagon dropped Fenix once more on the top of his head but Pentagon only received a two count. Huge superkick from Fenix and an attempted cover. Fenix attempted to climb the ropes but was kicked down by his older brother. Fenix balanced on the top rope and backflipped Pentagon mid-ring but still only a two count. The brothers continued their crazy moves and attempted covers to no success. Fenix hit a huge destroyer to win the match. He advances to meet Kenny Omega in the semi-finals.

Winner: Rey Fenix

AEW Weekly for 10/21/20
Hangman Adam Page vs Colt Cabana 

After disappointing Mr. Brodie Lee several weeks ago, Boom Boom Colt Cabana attempted to regain the Dark Order’s trust and support. Hangman definitely wasn’t getting the job done as quickly as his former tag team partner, Omega. None of the moves he hit destroyed Cabana as quickly as he would have liked. Hangman hit move after move on Cabana. But his opponent just wouldn’t give up, he kept fighting back and more importantly kicking out. Hangman turned his focus on harder hitting moves as he seemed increasingly frustrated by how long the match was going.

Hangman seemed focused at one point on using the timekeeper’s table. But changed his mind and returned to the ring. Back in the ring, Hangman had Cabana on his shoulders but Colt switched the move. Followed by knocking Hangman back right in the teeth. Hangman sent several kicks Colt’s way but Cabana fought back with hits of his own. Cabana picked Hangman up but Page switched their positions. Cabana got straight up and hit Hangman with a head scissors.

Hangman climbed the top rope but Cabana pushed his opponent off, leaving him to flip straight into the mats at ringside. Cabana then climbed up and hit Hangman with a diving splash. Cabana was slow to get up. But he rolled Hangman mid-ring and climbed the top rope. Colt flew off but missed Hangman and the match was turned around once again. Hangman attempted his finisher but Cabana blocked it. On the top rope, Cabana attempted Chicago Skyline. But Hangman knocked it off again. Hangman hit the Buckshot Lariat to take the win.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

We soon jump to a steak dinner being shared between Chris Jericho and MJF. MJF was his typical arsehole self while the two argued over who would eat the rawest steak. Jericho was not impressed at MJF’s rude attitude. After a discussion over their problems, they broke out into a song and dance routine! Dancers appeared out of nowhere, sort of a Broadway RKO.

Dr. Britt Baker vs Killynn King

A little battle of strength broke out between the two competitors. Baker went straight to knocking King down mid-ring. Baker attempted to find the locked jaw but King reversed into covers. Every time King tried to hit a move it was quickly reversed by Baker. King finally hit a move as she delivered a huge kick to Baker’s head. Baker wasn’t down for long though as she hit a DDT A Fisherman’s neck breaker, and then locked in the Locked Jaw to win the match.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

Private Party vs Butcher & Blade vs John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs The Young Bucks

The first shock of the match was the Bunny being back with Butcher and Blade. Nick Jackson and Alex Reynolds started the match up. The second Nick knocked Reynolds down Sliver tagged in and so did Matt. Matt started to gain momentum so Butcher, Blade, and then Isaiah Kassidy tagged in one by one. Kassidy used his gymnastic ability to school Nick and then Private Party teamed up against Bucks. Bucks attempted a Superkick but were blocked and reversed by Private Party. Marq Quen then focused on impressing the fans. Defending both Dark Order members then Butcher and Blade.

Quen seemed to control the match from this point on as he faced Blade one on one. While Quen was down Silvers and Butcher started a pissing contest. But ended up trying to get the Butcher and Blade to join the Dark Order. Butcher and Blade then destroyed every team at ringside, throwing them through barriers. In the ring Silvers and Quen continued their battle, Silver knocked Quen down and then raced around the ring. Taking down every competitor in the process. The Dark Order members received a close two count. Private Party worked together to attempt the win. But the Bucks broke the count and then Butcher and Blade raced in.

Blade got another close two count on Kassidy but the Bucks broke the count before knocking Butcher out of the ring. Nick Jackson tagged in and hit several kicks on both Dark Order members. Nick and Matt hit a huge Pillerdriver combination on Butcher and Kassidy. But once more Dark Order broke the pin. Kassidy rolled Matt up but still no win. The Young Bucks attempted a Meltzer Driver but Private Party stopped the move. Matt Jackson attempted a quick roll up and took the win.

Winner: Young Bucks

All images and video courtesy of All Elite Wrestling and FITE TV