AEW Weekly for 10/2/21

For AEW Weekly, for 10/2/21, we run down the week the was in All Elite Wrestling. As most of the Pro Wrestling world already knows this week’s show took place in the hometown of the late great Brodie Lee. Tony Khan even took time on social media to say this week’s dynamite is in honor of the Exalted One, and it did not for one moment disappoint. So the question is, where do we begin (at the start of the bell). This was for the September 29th edition of AEW Dynamite from Rochester, New York.


AEW Weekly 10/2/21
AEW Dynamite 09/29/21
Rochester, New York

Brodie chants overshadowed Jim Ross’ iconic welcome only to hear the crackle and the pop of CM Punks Cult Of Personality. He joined commentary for the evening.

AEW Weekly for 10/2/21
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Jungle Boy vs. Adam Cole

The first match was, in fact, for the first time ever match Adam Cole (Bay Bay) vs. the current rank number 4 in a single competition Jungle Boy. Throughout the match, Cole tried to keep the momentum of Jungle Boy to a dull raw. But Cole kept going and going. If, at first, he didn’t succeed, he would try again. Eventually, he was pulling off some amazing moves. These included; a reverse hurricanrana and a step-up hurricanrana to throw Adam Cole off the corner to the outside of the ring. It was Cole, however, who took the victory in typical heel fashion with a low blow that led to the boom and the 1,2,3.

Before the show could move forward, the rest of the Elite came to the ring only for Kenny to tell the AEW World Danielson will have to work for his rematch from the bottom, which was soon answered by the American Dragon himself, who claimed he will take on any member of the Elite as well as giving Kenny Omega his new nickname “Kenny No Balls.”
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Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. Matt Sydal & Dante Martin

It was then time for Tag Team action as Cody, and the upcoming Lee Johnson took on Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. The match was short but sweet, with Dante defying gravity with his high flying moves; however, the main focus of this match was the friction between Cody and his coach Arn Anderson. It all came to a head at the end of the match after Johnson got the 1,2,3. Arn took to the microphone and told Cody he hadn’t got that killer instinct to defeat Malakai Black, and at their match at Grand Slam, Cody should have finished the job instead of seeing if he was ok. Arn and Lee then left the ring after he flat-out called Cody a loser leaving us all to wonder what will become of the nightmare family.

Darby Allin, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Greene & Bear Country

It was then six-man tag team time, with what I like to call “The Moxley Crew” (Moxley, Kingston, and Darby) who faced off against Bear County and Anthony Greene.

The match was basically a beat-down delt by The Moxley Crew with a post-match Scorpion death drop by The Icon Sting because you got to give the people what they want; just ask Best Friends.

It was then time for the tribute to Brodie Lee match as Orange Cassidy and the Dark order took on Big Money Matt Hardy and his clients from The HFO, including Private Party, TH2, Butcher, and The Blade.

Dark Order & Orange Cassidy vs. Hardy Family Office

Tensions were definitely high throughout the beginning of the match between the Dark order. This allowed the HFO to take control and gain the upper hand. Evil Uno and Grayson left the match after Uno and Alex Reynolds exchanged words only to be stopped by Negative one and Amanda Huber, who implored them both to get back in and ring and wrestle. Which then led to a master class of wrestling based around John Silver as the Dark Order, and Cassidy turned the tide and got the 1,2,3 in honor of Brodie.

The honoring didn’t stop there as TayJay (Tay Conti & Anna Jay) of the Dark Order took on The Bunny & Penelope Ford. Both sides have been at each other for the past few weeks, but TayJay finally got the outcome sealing the win by a tap out.
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TNT Championship
Sammy Guevara vs. Miro

Now to the main event for the TNT Championship, the Spanish God Sammy Guevara went toe to toe with Miro, and what a match it was. A main event clinic was put on between the two wrestlers, and Sammy definitely backed up the fact that he is one of the four pillars of AEW’s future endeavors, from high flying moves to a little distraction from his long-time friend and former victim of Miro (Fuego Del Sol). Nevertheless, Sammy claimed the victory to become the new TNT Champion.

AEW Weekly for 10/2/21
AEW Rampage for 10/1/21 

Live From Rochester, New York
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Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson

Rampage usually starts with its biggest match on the card, and yes! This week was no different with Bryan Danielson and Nick Jackson kicking things off. Unfortunately, Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler were in the corner of their fellow elite member. The American Dragon, however, came to the dance solo. After going pound for pound with a lot of technol wrestling at times. Nick tried to turn the tied with a cheap low blow when the referee’s back was turned, but Danielson regained the upper had locking in the Cattle Mutilation for the submission win.
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Nyla Rose vs. Jade Cargill vs. Thunder Rosa

The next match on the card was the Triple Threat match. Rose vs Cargill vs Rosa. The former NWA women’s champion went on the attack at the start of the match, attacking both opponents, but The Native Beast took the rains when catching Rosa in a crossbody and dropped her with a slam. As it was a triple threat, Cargill was the one who took full use of the rules and used it to her advantage, striking Rosa several times with a steel chair to take the win.

AEW Weekly for 10/2/21
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Hair vs. Hair Match
Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

The main event was Hair vs. Hair, and it wasn’t until the promo before the match OC (Orange Cassidy) knew his hair was even on the line. He then stated he wouldn’t lose. During the match, Jack Evans had a little help from Matt, but it didn’t stop Cassidy from hitting some insane DDTs. And when the rest of HFO tried to interrupt the match, they were met by a wall made up of the Dark Order and Orange Cassidy what able to hit his Orange Punch and gain the 1,2,3. Sadly for Evans, it was bye-bye hair. This week’s AEW was definitely one the late great Brodie Lee would have been proud of.

This was the AEW Weekly for 10/2/21.


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