AEW Suspends Sammy Guevara For Comments Made

With allegations and concrete examples of highly inappropriate actions companies have needed to take action. Over the last day, excerpts of a podcast featuring Sammy Guevara went public. Recorded some four years ago during a try out for an extra’s role at the Performance Center, the then 22-year-old Guevara made a horrific declaration about how he felt about Sasha Banks. Guevara took to social media today to publicly apologize for his actions while also issuing a mea culpa to the current co-holder of the Women’s tag team championship. He seemed to own up to his misdeeds without sugar-coating them or trying to nuance them in any way. AEW suspends Sammy Guevara.

AEW Suspends Sammy Guevara

As was the case with Jimmy Havoc, the AEW has suspended Guevara immediately and without pay. Guevara’s earnings during this suspension will be donated to a Jacksonville Woman’s shelter. This suspension is indefinite and may be lifted after Guevara has successfully completed sensitivity training. He must also demonstrate that he has rehabilitated and had a change of attitude.

In a statement issued by AEW, the federation stated: “AEW insists on doing our part to create a world of understanding and respect for humankind”.

Guevara is a performer who garners a lot of air time and is prominent in Dynamite’s most featured storylines. Apologies will not suffice. Time and effort are the greatest gauges of sincerity.

Speaking Out

Society is starting to move forward and moves like this will keep it going in the right direction.

We sincerely hope that Guevara will genuinely learn from his suspension and gain the maturity to learn to balance between portraying an obnoxious character while remaining in the parameters of decency, respect, and good taste. It will make him a better person which will eclipse making him a better wrestler.

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