AEW Rampage for 3/11/22 (Swerve’s AEW Debut)

Four matches appear to be on tap in this week’s episode of AEW Rampage for 3/11/22. With that said, in this past week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, there was undoubtedly a reset button pressed. With new factions emerged, teams formed, titles were won, managers fired, and people quit factions. While it was certainly a great deal to digest, we wonder what may unfold to piggyback off of these most recent events.

On Dynamite, we heard from Adam Cole, who confronted World Champion Hangman Page about his ‘fluke’ win this past Sunday. Will we hear more about their upcoming six-man tag team match against each other? This on more in our weekly preview of AEW Rampage.

AEW Rampage for 3/11/22
QT Marshall (shown on the left) battles Keith Lee (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 3/11/22 
Keith Lee vs. QT Marshall

This match came about during a backstage segment where Keith Lee was being interviewed. During the interview, QT Marshall interrupted Lee saying that they have a common foe in Team Taz. He was also quick to share that The Factory has his back. Lee didn’t mince words. He shared that he has a large enough back that he’s fine and didn’t need QT’s help.

Marshall was quite upset and said that Keith would pay for that. Will he, though? Can we expect the Limitless Keith Lee to pay for not taking QT Marshall up on his offer for help? There is likely a collective sigh from people saying that they don’t feel like Lee will regret not taking him up on his offer.

Darby Allin with Sting (shown on the left) battles Marq Quen with Isiah Kassidy (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 3/11/22
Darby Allin vs. Marq Quen

After this past week’s episode of Dynamite, the way in this match came about was pretty straightforward. During a meeting of the AHFO, Matt Hardy was voted out of the family and then beaten down by the remaining members of the faction. The Butcher and the Blade, Private Party, and Andrade would attack Hardy until help arrived. In this instance, help came in the name of Darby Allin, Sting, and a little later on, Jeff Hardy, Matt’s younger brother.

Marq Queen will represent what is now the Andrade Family Office as he faces Darby Allin. Allin appears to be associated with the newly reunited Team Extreme along with Sting. Fans can expect an equally competitive match that may end in a pinfall win, but a disqualification is also in the cards considering all that are involved in this match in a supporting role.

In his AEW Debut, Swerve Strickland (shown on the left) battles Tony Nese (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 3/11/22
Swerve Strickland vs. Tony Nese

Much like Keith Lee earlier, this match came about during an interrupted backstage segment that was simply a challenge laid out by Swerve. The Premier Athlete Tony Nese came out and answered the challenge. Nese also shared how they will renew their Friday Night rivalry (likely referring to their matches against one another on 205 Live that would air after SmackDown).

For fans of Strickland or Nese, it would be fun to see both of these men battle each other in what is Swerve’s first match in AEW. But, unfortunately, for Tony Nese, he’ll likely find out that AEW’s house may be Swerve’s house.

Jamie Hayter with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D (shown on the left) battles Mercedes Martinez (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 3/11/22
Mercedes Martinez vs. Jamie Hayter

This has all the makings of being the match of the night. Two of the best wrestlers today are facing each other on Friday night. With Hayter having Britt Baker and Rebel likely backing her, we could see Thunder Rosa and possibly Red Velvet play a part in this match. On the heels of both Revolution and Dynamite, we’ll see this grudge match take place between the two. Hayter and Martinez can easily hold their own against one another.

Fans will likely be presented with a match that includes several stiff strikes between them. Does Martinez gain an ounce of revenge for the attack she’s received previously at the hands of Rebel, Baker, and Hayter?

What To Expect

  • Britt Baker addresses her upcoming match with Thunder Rosa.
  • Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti react to this past week’s TNT Championship loss and emerging feud.
  • Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus discuss future threats for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.


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