AEW Rampage for 12/31/21 (Street Fight)

This week is the final edition of Rampage in 2021 and is properly called New Year’s Smash as we preview AEW Rampage for 12/31/21. We have a great card to end the year. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will be making his first title defense as a three-time TNT Champion as he takes on “All Ego” Ethan Page this week. We will also see Darby Allin with the Icon Sting in his corner taking on Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed with his partner Max Caster in his corner.

We will also see another chapter in the feud of Tay Conti and Anna Jay as they take on The Bunny and Penelope Ford again in tag team action; this time in a street fight. We will also see Technique by Taz with his son Hook. This is sure to be an interesting installment to bring 2021 to an end. Rampage has surely made a splash in 2021. Hopefully, 2022 will bring more success to the show. In the meantime let’s get to the matches.

AEW Rampage for 12/31/21
TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes (shown on the left) with Arn Anderson defends his title against Ethan Page (shown on the right) with Dan Lambert in his corner [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 12/31/21
TNT Championship
“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page

We just saw Cody Rhodes start his third reign as the TNT Champion this past week on Rampage, now this week he will be putting his title on the line. He will be facing “All Ego” Ethan Page of Men of the Year. We have seen Page get a shot at the title back in October and he was not victorious in that bout. It is not often you get another shot so soon.

Cody has a very strong record and where he just won the TNT Championship back there is no way he will want to let this reign end so quickly. We have yet to see Ethan Page win a title in AEW yet so picking up the TNT Championship would surely be a great way to start 2022. Page definitely also has a strong solo track record currently standing at 11-3 and Cody is at 11-4. This is quite an even match as far as track records are concerned.

It will be interesting to see if Page can cut Cody’s third reign with the TNT Championship short and pick up his first championship in AEW.

Darby Allin (shown on the left) with Sting faces The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens (shown on the right) with Max Caster in his corner [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 12/31/21
Darby Allin w/ Sting vs. Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster

Darby Allin has had a number of high-profile matches this year and has certainly carved a name for himself in AEW. Especially since aligning with the Icon Sting. This week we see Darby take on Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed. The Acclaimed has also made quite an impression this year in the tag team division. It is not often we see Bowens in solo action and currently, his solo record is 1-5.

Darby Allin is used to one on one interactions and currently stands 21-4. If we are going simply by track records that does not look too good in Bowens favor. However, we know that it is not uncommon for Caster to intervene on behalf of his buddy Bowens, if that were to happen we could surely see Bowens pick up a win over Darby this week. Bowens is a strong and impressive athlete though and could still score the win regardless. A win over Darby would definitely be a boost for him.

Penelope Ford & The Bunny (shown on the left) face Tay Conti and Anna Jay (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 12/31/21
Street Fight –
Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. The Bunny & Penelope Ford

Over the course of 2021, we have seen quite a number of matches between these four ladies and this feud is not over yet. This Friday on Rampage we will see Tay Conti and her Anna Jay take on The Bunny and Penelope Ford in a street fight. This just may be the most brutal interaction between these ladies yet.

On quite a few occasions we have seen Tay and Anna come out victorious against The Bunny and Ford. On the other hand, we have also seen The Bunny and Ford play dirty and pick up wins over Tay and Anna. However, if weapons are legal and rules are scarce this match could surely be a rough one, as Tay and Anna could also use weapons of their own against their opponents.

One has to wonder if this match will bring an end to this feud. Or will we see it spill over into the new year? Tune in to AEW Rampage this Friday at 10 pm on TNT.

What to expect?

Technique by Taz & HOOK [Photo: AEW]
  • Will we see this be Cody Rhodes’ shortest TNT Championship reign out of the three?
  • Technique by Taz & HOOK REDRUM
  • Will this street fight put an end to the beef between Anna Jay & Tay Conti with The Bunny and Penelope Ford?


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