AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20 (Tag Team Gauntlet Match| Preview

Welcome to the latest edition of AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20! It is another special night for AEW Dynamite! It is now time for Thursday Night Dynamite! We are getting closer to the AEW’s All Out pay-per-view as that card continues to take its shape. This week will have an amazing Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Let us see what else they have in store for us with this week’s unique Dynamite!

Mr. Brodie Lee’s Victory Celebration

Brodie Lee shocked the pro wrestling world on last week’s AEW Dynamite when he defeated Cody to win the TNT Championship. To make matter worse, post-match he and the rest of the Dark Order assaulted Cody, Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes. It was a disturbing attack that might have been a preview to the future with The Dark Order in power.

We will have a Thursday night victory celebration for Brodie Lee. What could a celebration for a group like The Dark Order possibly entail? After the events of last week, it was certainly “interesting” to say the least. And who will be the next brave wrestler to challenge for Brodie Lee’s title? Hopefully, we will find out on Thursday.

AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20

AEW World Championship Match Contract Signing

It is time for the chaotic fun that is a pro wrestling contract signing! Jon Moxley surprised MJF during his campaign speech just two weeks ago. As MJF’s team went to guard the arena entrances, Moxley came from behind to surprise MJF with a Paradigm Shift that dropped MJF on his head.

MJF is now demanding the Paradigm Shift be banned from their AEW Championship match at All Out. Even though Moxley has defended the title with other finishing moves in recent matches, how will he react to this stipulation? If pro wrestling has told us anything over the year, we should expect chaos on Thursday night.

Big Swole vs. Dr. Britt Baker, Reba, and Penelope Ford

The Doctor is back and she is really mad at Big Swole. As Dr. Baker has recovered from injuries, she had dealt with Big Swole for months. Swole literally threw Baker into the trash. She even “broke” Baker’s nose. Because of these actions, Britt even got Big Swole suspended for a time in AEW. It is time for some real revenge.

The problem is the Dentist isn’t fighting fair. She has demanded a handicap match. Baker will bring along her long-abused assistant Reba. She also will have help from Penelope Ford who is apparently helping to get a free year of makeup. How can Big Swole overcome these difficult odds?

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (Tables Match)

AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20
Photo / AEW

Matt Hardy tried to help Sammy Guevara once upon a time. Sammy refused and a feud began. Sure it didn’t help that Matt Hardy had once ran Sammy over with a golf cart but he tried to move on from their feud once and for all after AEW Double or Nothing. Guevara, it seems, was having none of it.

On the August 5th Dynamite, Sammy Guevara threw a chair at Matt Hardy’s head. It was likely worse then even Guevara expected as his vicious chair tossing caused blood to pour heavily out of Matt Hardy’s head. To add insult to injury, Sammy smashed Hardy through a table as well.

It is time for some revenge. Hardy has recovered from the horrific injury and has gotten a Tables match with the Spanish God for this week’s show. If their violence in recent weeks is any indication, it will be a brutal match to say the least.

AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20

The Natural Nightmares vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Best Friends vs. FTR (Tag Team Gauntlet Match)(Winner Earns Tag Team Title Match At All Out 2020)

AEW IGNITE for 8/27/20
Photo / AEW

The top four teams in the AEW rankings are getting their shot at the AEW Tag Team Champions, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, at AEW All Out. All they have to do to get that massive opportunity is to win a grueling Tag Team Gauntlet Match on Thursday night. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Each team is going into this tournament in very different places. The Young Bucks lost to the champions in an incredible match at AEW Revolution in February. The Natural Nightmares lost their chance on the June 11th Dynamite. The Best Friends lost their chance on Fyter Fest: Night One. Only FTR hasn’t had a real chance at the champions.

Based on the rankings, the match will start with the Young Bucks against the Natural Nightmares. The winning team will then have to immediately face The Best Friends. The winner of that match will get a well-rested FTR for the Tag Team title shot. It should be an amazing Tag Team gauntlet where the stakes couldn’t be any higher.