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AEW Weekly News for 10/28/20

  • All Elite Wrestling has officially released all their precious Pay-Per-Views onto DVDs, which are now all available to buy on DVDs are priced between $24.99 and $19.99 each; currently has an offer on that if you buy 3 DVDs, you receive 10% off.
  • AEW has filed for another trademark in relation to their video game this week. AEW has filed for the trademark ‘AEW Games’ with The United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Alex Reynolds had spoked out after his injury on Dynamite last week. He said, “No, I think our team does a fantastic job. I think they took care of me right away when we all realized I was hurt. They got me out of there nice and safe, so it’s a contact sport, you know? Injuries are gonna happen, and I think they’ve shown that they can handle those situations, so yeah, I don’t think those safety concerns are validated, as somebody who’s kind of just lived through it. I’ve put my trust fully in our staff,” during a virtual meet and greet with Pro Wrestling Junkies. 
  • Serpentico has appeared to have officially signed with the company.

And now for your AEW Weekly for 10/21/20 Dynamite review!…

AEW Weekly for 10/28/20
AEW Dynamite Review

Dynamite this week focused on the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, we watched Wardlow face off against Hangman Adam Page, and Kenny Omega meet Pentagon Jr in the ring for the semi-finals. We also saw Chris Jericho and MJF speak face to face in the Inner Circle Town Hall Debate, will MJF be allowed to join the Inner Circle? The brand new NWA Women’s World Championship Serena Deeb defended her championship for the first time against Leyla Hirsch.

Wardlow Vs Hangman Adam Page

Dynamite kicked off this week with the first semi-final match of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament as Wardlow faced Hangman Adam Page. Hangman went straight to trying to gain an advantage over the bigger competitor but was quickly sent back to his corner. Wardlow took great achievement in throwing Hangman around the ring and smashing into him. Hangman found an opportunity to cause damage as he climbed the top rope and flew Wardlow out of the ring; he quickly attempted to follow by was caught. Hangman reversed and threw Wardlow into the ring post, but Wardlow smashed Hangman through the barriers without missing a beat. Wardlow returned to the ring, leaving Hangman Adam Page struggling at ringside.

Back in the ring, Wardlow continued his dominance. Hangman tried to fight back but was stopped and powerbombed in the middle of the ring, resulted in a two count. Hangman found his opening as he reversed Wardlow’s armbar, though it was quickly taken down once again. Wardlow climbed to the top rope, but nobody was home. Hangman attempted to run into Wardlow, but Wardlow fought back, sending him a big boot. Wardlow was thrown out of the ring; Hangman climbed the top rope and flew straight into the monster. Back in the ring, Hangman hit a shooting star press, but it only received one count.

Wardlow reversed once again and set up the F10 on Hangman. He hit it perfectly, but Hangman quickly rolled out of the ring and away from the danger of the pin. The two punched back and forth on the top rope, seeing who would take the advantage; Hangman won this honor and then hit Wardlow with two Buckshot Lariats to win the match and go through to the finals.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Matt Sydal Vs. Eddie Kingston

Before his big match against Jon Moxley next week, Eddie Kingston sought to prove his readiness to be champion by facing off against Matt Sydal. Sydal attempted to take down Kingston straight away, but Kingston held his own, eventually knocking Sydal into the center of the ring. The traditional wrestling continued as the two locked up until Sydal knocked his opponent down and locking in a submission move. Sydal hit Kingston with a high kick and then attempted a pin. Sydal continued with the high kicks, but Kingston caught him and threw him mid-ring.

Kingston started to hit his opponent with pure brutality as he repeatedly stomped into Sydal’s chest. Kingston dragged his opponent across the ring and locked in a headlock. Sydal hit Kingston with a Sunset flip and attempted a pin, but Kingston quickly kicked out. Matt focused once again on knocking Kingston down and backflipped onto him to cause more damage. Sydal continued his attack as he hit his opponent with several kicks and high flying moves. Both opponents ended up on the top rope, but Sydal was the one with the advantage as he threw Kingston down and then flew into him, only a two count.

Kingston heard his wake up call as he knocked Sydal down and hit him with a huge punch. He then locked in the Bulldog choke, the same which Moxley knocked him out with. Kingston took the win but continued to hold the choke until Sydal was cleanout.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

AEW Dynamite Weekly for 10/28/20
TNT Championship Match: Orange Cassidy Vs. Cody (C)

This week Orange Cassidy sought to take the TNT Championship from Cody. To stop the Dark Order from getting overly involved in the match, it was made a lumberjack match by AEW higher-ups. The two started in a traditional battle, something rather strange for Cassidy as they tried lock-ups and takedowns on each other. Cody focused on a wist lock, which he then used to flip Cassidy into the turnbuckle. Cassidy tried a roll-up but only received a one count. Cody lifted Cassidy above his head and dropped him face-first mid-ring.

Cassidy reversed the momentum and lifted Cody, then dropping him mid-ring. Cody pulled Cassidy leg through the rope and twisted into a Dragon’s screw. Cassidy then used the ropes to smash into the TNT Champion, who fell outside the ring. Best Friends lifted Cody and then dropped him straight down. Back in the ring, Cassidy flew off the top rope. Cassidy attempted a swinging DDT, but Cody reversed; after falling into Dark Order, Cody returned, and Cassidy successfully hit the swinging DDT.

Cassidy received a two count. Both men fell out of the ring once again but were ‘helped’ back into the ring by Best Friends and The Natural Nightmares. At this point, the match became pretty evenly fought. Cody locked in the figure four on Cassidy, but he was able to crawl to the ropes and escape. Cody attempted to continue attacking Cody, but he fell out of the ring straight into Dark Order. Dark Order attacked Cody with the other heels before Cassidy came to Cody’s rescue.

The two opponents returned to the ring and climbed to the top rope. Cody suplexed Cassidy into all of the lumberjacks. Cody hit the Cody Cutter and started to focus on getting the match done. Cassidy and Cody hit each other with as many huge moves as possible. Cassidy flew into Cody and hit him with everything he had but still only a two count. John Slivers knocked Cassidy out while the referee was distracted, Cody hit the Cross Rhodes and retained his title.

Winner: Cody

AEW Dynamite Weekly for 10/28/20
NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb (C) Vs. Leyla Hirsch

Serena Deeb only won the NWA Women’s World Championship the night before, but she went straight to Dynamite to have her first defense against Russian Leyla Hirsch. Hirsch used her extreme strength to spin Deeb around the ring headfirst, using traditional takedowns. Deeb escaped to her feet and worked at taking down Hirsch using a headlock. Hirsch dropped Deeb and then ran straight into her several times before attempting a pin. Deeb tricked her opponent into the ropes and hit a hanging neck breaker.

Deeb’s dominance lasted all of a few seconds before Hirsch locked in an armbar. Hirsch then threw Deeb around the ring into the turnbuckles. Leya then locked Deeb’s left arm into the ropes and hit an armbar. Hirsch did that once again before pulling Deeb mid-ring and locked in an armbar. Deeb quickly hit a neck breaker on her opponent in a way to escape the torment. Hirsch climbed to the top rope and tried to fly onto Deeb, but her opponent moved at the last moment. Deeb locked in an insane neck and leg breaker to win the match.

Winner: Serena Deeb

AEW Dynamite Weekly for 10/28/20
Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) Vs. VSK

Shawn Spears hit his opponent with the C4 and won the match in 30 seconds.

Winner: Shawn Spears

AEW Dynamite Weekly for 10/28/20
Kenny Omega Vs. Pentagon Jr 

Omega went straight for the kill during the second semi-final match of the night as he locked Pentagon into a headlock. After Pentagon broke free, Omega revealed the AAA Championship Omega currently holds, the belt he won off of Rey Fenix, angering both Lucha Bros. Pentagon took off his famous glove. Still, Omega simply laughed and then slapped him before launching a full attack. Omega continued kicking Pentagon, defeating any counter-attack Pentagon threw at him. Kenny got a little too cocky, and Pentagon took advantage. Omega fell out of the ring, and Pentagon flew into him.

Pentagon continued full steam ahead as he knocked Omega into the barrier and then slammed him into the ring post. Omega started to punch back, but one kick from Pentagon stopped Omega once again. Pentagon twisted Omega’s head between the ring ropes, not loosening his momentum in any way. The opponents ended up in the heel section, where Omega finally turned it around, using a beer cooler to target Pentagon’s injured knee.

Pentagon escaped Omega’s attack leaving the ring; Omega then flew straight out the ring and collapsed on top of the Lucha Bro. Pentagon then climbed the ropes and hit a similar move breaking down Omega’s offenses. Omega attempted a V Trigger, but Pentagon outsmarted him and attempted a pin, only a two count. Pentagon started to target Omega’s legs hitting a diving stomp on the AAA Champion. Omega gained some fight and hit a snapdragon on his opponent, followed by another snap dragon suplex. Omega refused to cover, though, as he attempted a third. Pentagon fought out.

Omega powerbombed Pentagon and then delivered a V Trigger, only a two count. Omega hit another huge V Trigger. Pentagon tried to escape, but Omega stopped him with a huge hit to the back of his head, twice. Omega dragged Pentagon to the top rope, but Pentagon fought back, hitting Omega with an insane destroyer on top the entrance ramp. Pentagon hit a package pile driver, but Omega kicks out. While it looked over for Omega, he managed to hit a One-Winged Angel to win the match.

Winner: Kenny Omega

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling and FITE TV