AEW Dynamite Diatribe for 11/6/19 (Page/Omega vs Guevara/Jericho)

With AEW Full Gear just a few days away, Dynamite will be the go-home show to the promotion’s first pay-per-view since landing on TNT. At Full Gear, we will see a pupil and mentor square off, bad blood come to a boil, and championships be defended. The main event scheduled was a tag team matchup between Adam Page and Kenny Omega against Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho. Before we get to this point, however, let’s dive deep into this week’s episode of Dynamite from Charlotte, North Carolina!

Match 1: PAC vs. Trent (w/Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy)

This opening match begins with both men jockeying for position with takedown attempts. PAC slides out of the ring, stepping up to Orange Cassidy, before following Trent back in the ring. Trent takes advantage. Trent catches PAC with chops and a northern lights suplex from the ropes for a pinfall attempt. Outside the ring, PAC sends Trent into the barricade. PAC proceeds to drop Trent across the barricade before clotheslining him on the ramp. PAC performs a plancha onto Trent on the outside and nails a missile dropkick on the inside of the ring.

The Bastard, PAC slows down the match with a headlock. PAC sends Trent into the corner and follows up with a German suplex for a two-count. PAC cinches in a chinlock. The Bastard, PAC ejects Trent to the outside, but Cassidy slides inside the ring to confront PAC. Cassidy hits PAC with a series of “devastating kicks,” but PAC catches him with a real one, sending him out of the ring. Trent slides back inside and unleashes a series of clotheslines followed by a big suplex! Trent follows up with a tope over the top rope on PAC! He sends PAC into the barricade this time! Trent catches PAC with a spear on the outside!

Back in the ring, Trent catches PAC with a running knee to the back of the head! 1… 2… PAC kicks out! Trent land a big lariat followed by a tornado DDT! 1… 2… PAC kicks out again! On the outside, PAC catches Trent with a brainbuster! The Bastard, PAC rolls Trent back in the ring and lands the Black Arrow for the 1… 2… Trent’s shoulders aren’t down! PAC transitions into The Brutalizer for the submission victory!

Winner: PAC

Post-match, PAC grabs the mic, targeting Hangman Page. He says that, at Full Gear, he will make an example out of Page again.

The show returns from commercial to Cody making his way to the ring, Tony Schiavone standing by, to a massive ovation from his hometown crowd. In regard to Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle, Cody says that they experienced a short victory because The Elite has a deck that can stand up to theirs. In just a few days, Cody will face Jericho for the AEW World Championship. Cody rattles off numerous names throughout wrestling’s past, including his father Dusty, calling them the best. However, they were both wrestlers and management, not unlike Cody. He expresses pride regarding AEW’s strides, including pay and diversity.

Cody announces that due to him being management, as well as a competitor if he doesn’t defeat Jericho at Full Gear, he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Cody takes umbrage to Jericho calling his age group entitled millennials while Jericho was the son of a famous hockey player. The American Nightmare, Cody regards Jericho as a carny succubus who surrounded himself with impressionable youth, before speaking about how he, himself, went from undesirable to undeniable. At Full Gear, Cody says, he will defeat Jericho and become AEW World Champion. He wraps up by saying that The Elite will eat The Inner Circle alive.

AEW World Tag Team Champions Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky of SoCal Uncensored make their way toward commentary for the next match. The Lucha Bros., Pentagon Jr., and Rey Fenix join the Spanish announce team.

Match 2: The Dark Order (Stu Grayson and Evil Uno) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) (Bronze Medal Match; Winners Will Be Added to the AEW World Tag Team Championship Match at Full Gear)

Grayson starts things off quick with offense on Quen before tagging in Uno, The Dark Order keeping their opponent in their corner. Quen starts to fight back, Kassidy making the blind tag, as Private Party hits Grayson with a tandem offense. Uno pulls Grayson to the outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Grayson drops Kassidy with an uranage before tagging in Uno, who hits a backbreaker. Grayson is tagged back in and he keeps Kassidy in their corner. Grayson nails Kassidy with a senton on the ring apron before we cut to commercial.

The show returns to Uno in control of Kassidy, continuing to keep him from Quen. Kassidy finally gains the upper hand and starts to crawl toward Quen. They tag their respective partners and Quen starts to fight until he’s caught with tandem offense by The Dark Order. Uno tags in Grayson, but Quen fights back still, dropkicking Grayson off the apron before hitting a standing moonsault on Uno! Big senton to the outside on The Dark Order from Quen! Back in the ring, Quen catches Grayson with a springboard cross body for a two-count.

Quen tags in Kassidy, but Grayson catches them with before tagging in Uno

Uno lands a neckbreaker on Kassidy! 1… 2… Quen breaks up the pin! Uno tags in Grayson, while Kassidy tags in Quen. They send Quen flying into the corner on Kassidy! Combination cannonball/450 splash from The Dark Order! 1… 2… Quen kicks out! Grayson tags in Uno, but Quen manages to tag in Kassidy! The Dark Order go for a double team move, which Quen intercepts. Kassidy tags in Quen. Double team offense from The Private Party leads to the 1… 2… 3! The Private Party are going to Full Gear!

Winners: The Private Party

SoCal Uncensored and The Lucha Bros. make their way to the ring, the three teams going to Full Gear standing off.

We cut to a video segment featuring Chris Jericho. Sammy Guevara is interviewed, calling Jericho like a father to him. Soultrain Jones, aka the former Virgil, offers his own thoughts, calling Jericho the greatest of all-time. Santana and Ortiz speak highly of Jericho. Jake Hager simply stands without saying a word. Jericho expresses his love for “the bubbly,” saying that it’s his responsibility to find it, as Le Champion. This video package seems to be mocking Cody’s emotional video package leading to their match at Full Gear.

Match 3: Jamie Hayter and Emi Sakura vs. Shanna and AEW Women’s World Champion Riho

Sakura and Riho start things off. They exchange takedowns before Sakura chops Riho and nails a snapmare. Sakura throws Riho by her hair before Hayter rushes in to kick Riho. The champion takes advantage with a knee strike to Sakura before tagging in Shanna, who hits an uppercut followed by an arm drag. Shanna nails an uppercut in the corner followed by a running basement dropkick for a pinfall attempt. Shanna nails a neckbreaker on Sakura for a two-count. Shanna tags in Riho before executing double bulldog before by an assisted splash.

Sakura rakes Riho’s back, but Riho drops Sakura across the middle rope. Sakura blocks a 619 attempt and hits a double underhook backbreaker before tagging in Hayter. She tosses Riho and stomps on her face in a taunting manner before the show cuts to commercial. The show returns to Hayter in control of Riho with a headlock. Riho fights back with a running hurricanrana. Sakura attempts to attack Riho, but the champion lands a standing double stomp on her former mentor! Riho tags in Shanna, who lays into Hayter with running corner splashes followed by a running forearm for a two-count.

Hayter catches Shanna with a backbreaker before tagging in Sakura. She hits Shanna with a running corner crossbody before going for the Vader Bomb. Shanna gets the knees up and attempts to tag Riho before Hayter yanks her off the apron. Shanna hits Sakura with a running hurricanrana. The Portuguese star, Shanna comes off the top rope with a flying crossbody to Hayter and Sakura on the outside! Back in the ring, Shanna hits Sakura with the sliced bread followed by a double underhook DDT!

1… 2… Sakura kicks out!

Sakura hits Shanna with a spinning DDT before tagging in Hayter, the two of them hitting double team offense. Hayter nails Shanna with a running basement dropkick before hitting a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count. Hayter plants Shanna with a reverse suplex followed by a running lariat! 1… 2… Riho breaks up the pin! Hayter throws Riho out of the ring before tagging in Sakura, who hits a double underhook backbreaker followed by a Vader Bomb on Shanna! 1… 2… Riho hits a flying double stomp on Sakura!

Shanna tags in Riho, who catches Sakura in the corner. They exchange roll-up attempts before Sakura catches Riho with a cradle for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Jamie Hayter and Emi Sakura

The show cuts to a video package of Brandi Rhodes, who expresses resentment toward being perceived as what she believes she isn’t. Rhodes says that with Awesome Kong’s body and her brains, they can bring nightmares. Rhodes ends with the question, “who are the bullies now?”

Match 4: Brandon Cutler vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard)

Both men exchange holds to begin, with Spears taking down Cutler with a clothesline before backing him into the corner. Cutler doges Spears with a moon with a top rope backflip before following up a leg drop across the rope! Spears catches Cutler’s leg with a block and tosses him into the barricade, continuing the assault. Spears rolls Cutler back inside and chops him in the corner. Cutler fires back with a series of kicks followed by an enziguri. Spears hits cutler with a running kick followed by a Death Valley Driver for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Shawn Spears

Post-match, Blanchard rolls a chair into the ring. Spears looks for another Death Valley Driver on Cutler, but Joey Janela storms the ring! Spears escapes up the ramp with Blanchard while a heated Janela remains at ringside.

The show returns to a video package hyping Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega at Full Gear. Omega says that his best work came because he worked and sacrificed. Moxley says that he’s at his best when he’s at his worst and wants an opponent that will bring him out at his worst.

Match 5: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. Sammy Guevara and AEW World Champion Chris Jericho (w/Jake Hager)
Page Omega Guevara Jericho
Photo / AEW

This main event begins with Omega and Guevara as the legal participants with Jericho and Page in their respective corners. Omega tells Guevara to tag in Jericho, which he does while Page remains on the apron. However, Jericho immediately tags Guevara back in. They lock up, Guevara taking Omega down to the mat. Omega returns the favor, but Guevara regains control. Omega takes control of the wrist, to which Guevara reverses, but Omega catches him with a series of chops. Kenny Omega hits a jumping back elbow, taking down Guevara, before tagging in Page. He hits a standing shooting star press on Guevara for a two-count. Page hits Guevara with a pump handle suplex, bridging for another pin attempt.

Guevara takes control, tagging in Jericho. Page catches the champion with a boot to the face before attacking him in the corner. Jericho nails a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Jericho suplexes Page before tagging in Guevara while Omega looks on. Page catches Guevara with a suplex and goes to tag Omega while Jericho looks on. Guevara knocks Omega off the apron before tagging in Jericho. Page comes out of the corner with a running clothesline before finally making the tag! With Omega and Guevara s the legal men, Omega lands a discus clubbing blow across the chest! “You Can’t Escape” followed by a middle rope moonsault from Omega on Guevara!

Guevara rolls through a German suplex attempt and hits an enziguri

Omega catches Guevara in the air with a big dropkick! Omega executes a hurricanrana on Jericho before going for a big dive. Behind the referee’s back, Hager hits Omega from behind, giving The Inner Circle the upper hand before we cut to commercial. The show returns to Jericho in control of Omega, Guevara attacking Omega behind the referee’s back. Omega fights back, though, and makes the tag to Page! He boots Guevara off the apron, hits a fallaway slam on Jericho, before crashing onto Guevara with a crossbody! Page escapes a Liontamer attempt. Omega finally lands the big dive on Guevara and Hager before Page hits a top rope moonsault on The Inner Circle!

Suddenly, PAC interferes and hits Page with a low blow while the referee isn’t looking! Jericho knocks out Page with the Judas Effect for the 1… 2… 3 giving the win to Jericho and Guevara over Omega and Page!

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho

After the match, The Inner Circle continues to attack Page. This brings out Cody, who charges the ring and takes down Guevara! Cody stands tall in the ring. Meanwhile, Maxwell Jacob Friedman attacks Hager and Jericho with the chair! Friedman throws Jericho back in the ring, where Cody plants him with the Cross Rhodes! Cody holds up the AEW World Championship while Moxley makes his way through the crowd with a barbed wire baseball bat in hand! Moxley confronts Omega in the ring as The Inner Circle and The Elite brawl outside. Omega grabs a bared wire broom to standoff with Moxley.

Suddenly, Santana and Ortiz attack Moxley and Omega! The Young Bucks storm the ring, nailing Santana and Ortiz with superkicks followed by topes out of the ring! Chaos continues to ensue outside, including fisticuffs between Moxley and Omega and a dive off the stage by Nick Jackson! The Elite and The Inner Circle stand at opposite ends before charging at one another, engaging in another brawl as this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite comes to a chaotic close!