AEW (AFTER) Dark Review: Omega Shines Through


Welcome to the first AEW (AFTER) Dark Review here on Pro Wrestling Post! This week was lighter on the in-ring action than in previous weeks, but the three matches on the card all delivered in very different ways.

Yet despite that, the one area Dark seems to be picking up where Dynamite leaves off is in its brilliant video packages. Both introducing new and recapping old. This is a tremendous extended hand to the casual fan. An area that YouTube will capture quite nicely for them. It also allows the more experienced viewer of the product (like the mark typing this to you now) to choose what they do and don’t need a refresher on. But, at the same time, it can feel a bit like filler. So it may need a bit of balancing to find the right middle ground for both fan groups.

But, regardless, when you see such gripping new developments of characters like Big Swole’s amazing adventure to getting signed, or the deeper story behind the botched Arabian moonsault given in a promo by Christopher Daniels, it becomes clear this is a great tool to further characters when it is used to its peak potential. And these two moments are prime examples of that. Both are well worth the watch, and congratulations to Big Swole for her contract and Daniels for his return. But, now it is time to get the wrasslin’!

Scorpio Sky vs. Peter Avalon vs. Jimmy Havoc

AEW (AFTER) Dark Review: Omega Shines Through

Poor Leva Bates, she just seems to be stuck to the hip of the ever-losing Avalon. Coming to the ring shushing and garnering heat (in mostly the wrong ways, admittedly) he forces his hateful attitude upon Bates. Who makes it clear that she wants none of it. Perhaps we will see an eventual return of Leva the cosplayer? Or maybe even Blue Pants to take a shot at the rival NXT who never accepted the legend that she was?

But moving on from Leva and her many different attires, this match also included the red hot Scorpio Sky. And the relatively cold Jimmy Havoc. The running story for Havoc is, of course, his expensive use of his staple gun. It has lead to several fines which he responded to last week by stapling a ten thousand dollar check to the forehead of his opponent Brandon Cutler. It will be interesting to see where this storyline develops. He also teased using his weapon of choice once more tonight but was thwarted by a book. Saving him about ten grand in the process.

One stand out moment came from Scorpio Sky as he hit a beautiful belly to belly over the ropes. And then proceeded to hit both men with a beautiful senton dive. This would set the tone for what could be expected, and that was to keep the momentum alive for Sky after his loss to Jericho. But despite that, this was a decent open match that played off the triple threat aspect nicely. Avalon and Havoc formed a short alliance, all men stayed involved and in the ring. Plus it didn’t feel like three singles contests going on at separate times like can often be the case with multi-man match-ups.

But, the inevitable can only be held back for so long as Scorpio Sky was able to catch Avalon trying to hop over his head in mid-air for a beautiful looking TKO for the one, two, three. Nice and simple open match that lets everybody get some offense in while still putting over the “top guy” which is a good way to present your talent on a show like Dark.

Winner – Scorpio Sky

Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs. Jurassic Express Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt w/Jungle Boy

AEW (AFTER) Dark Review: Omega Shines Through

Is there anybody more over right now than the giant wrestling dinosaur? That is one helluva sentence to write! And one that I wouldn’t have believed in any other universe. It just goes to show how unique and talented Luchasaurus truly is.

This match continues the trend of making him look as dominant as possible. Which is the best direction they can go given his momentum right now. Throwing his signature kicks while also mixing in the classic untouchable big man moments, Luchasaurus played his role in this match perfectly. Ever the gentleman, he tried to tag in Marko Stunt who started strong but quickly started getting beaten down by the larger duo.

Playing the heels perfectly, they isolated Marko and kept him away from the fan-favorite. As they traded offense-pin and tag combos that had the crowd getting antsy for their hero to make the save. Amidst this was a brilliant looking gorilla press into a cutter by the “enhancement talent” tandem. But of course, the hot tag was coming but they even further increased the dramatics with a great twist on this as well. Desperately clinging to Marko’s boot, he continually rolled but couldn’t break free of the heel’s grasp of his…well heel. And then finally rolling into a pinning predicament got the distraction he needed to launch himself into the fuming prehistoric powerhouse.

This would lead to him running through the duo with his signature brand of kicks eventually leading to a brilliant looking double chokeslam. But being the team player he is, he gave the tag to Marko to set up an assisted corkscrew neck breaker for the finish to an evolved variation of a “squash match” tag team contest.

Winners – Jurassic Express

Kenny Omega vs. Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford


This was the match that instantly grabbed my eyes on the card, and it did not disappoint. Making the long wait worth it (a long series of video packages and other content separated the previous match from this one) this contest got out of the gates quickly in a very Kenny Omega fashion.

Technical mat wrestling slowly worked into a brilliant spot where Kenny said “no kip-up for you, Kip” as he continually knocked him off his feet. Then he sparked a fire across his chest with his signature (and easily some of the best in the business) chops. Leading into a Kotaro Krusher. With all the momentum behind him, Omega delivered more thunderous chops to Kip in the corner. Before whipping him like a rag doll into the other corner for a diving back elbow.

Desperately needing a change of momentum and fast, Sabian tried to mount some offense. But Kenny chopped him down right to the outside. Penelope Ford would make her presence felt by distracting Kenny from a suicide dive. This would lead to flashbacks of ECW with Justin Credible and Francine however, as Kip hit a hurricanrana that threw Omega to the outside. Ford would then hit a running hurricanrana off the apron. Thankfully Joel Gertner wasn’t here to call it a coochiecanrana. Some things are best left in the past.

This moment turned the tides for Sabian as he was able to start mounting a comeback with a suicide senton dive. Quickly trying to put Omega away he told the underdog story nicely. But he made the fatal mistake of then trying to get into a slugfest with Kenny. Who after a good back and forth finally ended the exchange with a vicious lariat. That nearly knocked his head somewhere into the audience.

After some more signature Omega with a moonsault press combo, Sabian once again battled back. Showing his “testicular fortitude” as Mick Foley would lovingly say. But he couldn’t put him away, and Kenny would end that momentum swing despite Kip’s (and Penelope’s) best efforts with a beautiful powerbomb and V Trigger combination. But Penelope still had some fight left. Hitting Kenny with a stunner as Aubrey Edwards was distracted by Kip after pulling her in the way of another V Trigger attempt. This lead to a Poisonrana and punt kick combo for the nearest fall Kip would get.

Rising to his feet, Kenny would start snapping Kip with his snapdragon suplexes. The first one connecting nicely. He shouted to Penelope “this is your boyfriend, huh?” cheekily before unleashing one more. Before hitting a third, Penelope tried to involve herself again. Only to nearly get a snapdragon suplex of her own. As Kip tried to go for the save, Kenny blasted him with yet another V Trigger. Then followed by a Tiger Driver ’98. But Sabian had just a little more left in the tank. Forcing one more V Trigger to the spine against the ropes and a One-Winged Angel for the victory in a fantastic contest.

Winner – Kenny Omega

Even though I did my best to recap the moments, this match is well worth the time to check out. Even if it is the only match of the three you check out this week. The intensity and pace, especially for a free YouTube show, are off the charts. I anticipate another great match between these two further down the line. Perhaps a mixed tag match between Kip and Penelope versus Kenny and his favorite mixed-gender partner, AEW’s Women’s Champion Riho? That certainly would deserve a top spot on an episode of Dynamite one day in the future after this excellent match up.

Until Next Time…

But there you have it! The first edition of the AEW (AFTER) Dark Review! Less in-ring action than usual, but the cap of the night having Kenny Omega shine through more than makes up for it in my book. The fact that we get a free show once a week with consistently good wrestling is nothing but positive. And the fact they are now building on it with the aforementioned promo of Christopher Daniels and introductory video package of Big Swole shows the great potential Dark has to become a strong part of AEW’s bright future.

Expect all the reactions to catch you up on the action, right here on Pro Wrestling Post. But, as always, until next time…

Goodbye, and goodnight!