A New IWGP Double Champion Crowned | #AndNew

A new IWGP double champion was crowned earlier today. After a long battle for the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental belts, Kota Ibushi beat Tetsuya Naito on the first night of Wrestle Kingdom 15 for the titles.

After winning the G1 again this year, Kota Ibushi earned an opportunity to main event the Tokyo Dome for those titles. But, after being beaten by Jay White and losing this right at Power Struggle, this seemed to be the end of the Golden Star’s dream. Luckily, the history he had with champion Tetsuya Naito presented a new chance. He found himself back with a shot on night one at the Tokyo Dome. It was always going to be a grueling match between two men who seem to have no fear.

It was a match that combined excellent wrestling and daredevil antics. The two wrestlers put their hearts and souls into the main event.

It was a match between two men who knew each other so well

A New IWGP Double Champion Crowned | #AndNew

As expected, the match had many fans at the edge of their seats. Despite the match’s uncharacteristically slow and methodical start for the pair, this did not last long. The two threw caution to the wind and executed moves that could take your breath away. There were Frankensteiner’s, powerbombs, and hurricanrana’s. Many of these spots were extra vicious by being executed on the ring apron.

Yet, as the match reached over 35-minutes, the winner seemed far from certain. However, after a series of brutal Kamigoye’s, Ibushi managed to hit his finisher one last time. With this, he not only beat his long-standing rival but finally win those illustrious titles. In a sign of respect between the two men, Naito handed Ibushi the belts he has spent his career working for.

After all of the years working his way from Jr to Heavyweight, Ibushi finally won the two titles simultaneously that many of his idols have held.

Unfortunately, with Jay White waiting for him tomorrow on the second night, Ibushi has no time to enjoy his victory. If he thought it was hard winning the title, it is going to be even harder trying to keep it.