205 Live Landscape for 6/25/19 (Nese vs. Tozawa)

Welcome to another edition of 205 Live Landscape, this week; our main event will be former 205 Live Champion Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa battling it out, to become the New Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak’s challenger for Extreme Rules. Here at Pro Wrestling Post, we want to share with you the most exhilarating matches pro wrestling has to offer!


Tonight’s episode begins with a sinister promo by Gulak. He says he remained true to his promise and won the title at Stomping Grounds. He’s no longer concerned with a better 205 Live, only a better Drew Gulak. He claims the show doesn’t deserve compassion, only his destructive wrath. Gulak wants Nese and Tozawa to fight to determine his next victim.

We go live as Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to Portland, Oregon, while hyping tonight’s main event with Extreme Rules implications. Jack Gallagher makes his entrance. Followed by Mike and Maria Kanellis.

Jack Gallagher vs. Mike Kanellis

Gallagher and Kanellis finally lock in an offensive tie-up. Gallagher wrenching the arm. Mike reverses and now grabs his opponents arm from behind. Kanellis locks his feet above Gallagher’s body and traps him to the mat. Gallagher with a very unique escape with bicycle kicks to his chin…off the ropes and gets a near fall. Top-rope Bulldog into a headlock and Gallagher shows off his skills. Kanellis’s momentum is halted as Gallagher is hanging on the turnbuckle ala headstand…Dropkick to Kanellis. Baseball slide to the outside…nope. He attempts to throw Kanellis to the barricade but Maria gets in the way. Kanellis smashes him into the ring post and hits a hard Suplex on the hard floor.

The official gets up to an eight-count before Gallagher slides in the ring. Kanellis unleashing a vicious attack on his opponent. Slows the pace with a rest hold, they make it to their feet…off the ropes…Huge lariat that turns Gallagher inside out for a two-count. Ferocious Irish Whip into the corner…Gallagher gets placed on the turnbuckle…fights out with stiff uppercuts. Off the top-rope for a splash…Kanellis with the knees up… Kanellis hits The Power of Love Driver…near fall. Kanellis and Gallagher start throwing bombs at each other…off the ropes…Gallagher eats a Superkick, and a roll-up by Kanellis…handful of tights…argues with the official. Gallagher drops him with a devastating headbutt and lands the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Post-Match as Mike and Maria walk back…Mike says you go tell him…He’s through and leaves Maria and makes his exit through the audience visibly upset.

Promo By The Challengers: Nese is up first as he accepts his loss at Stomping Grounds, Nese wants Gulak to remember he didn’t beat him for the title, he beat Tozawa. He’s mentally prepared for tonight’s main event against a man he respects. Tozawa says he let his victory slip through his fingers at Stomping Grounds, but tonight it won’t be a repeat. At Extreme Rules, he’ll become the first Two-time Cruiserweight Champion.

Drake Maverick is seen on the phone leaving Mike Kanellis a voicemail. He says Mike’s attitude unprofessional and he needs to take responsibility for his shortcomings.

Humberto Carrillo def. Rob Rollenbeck with a Twisting Splash

Ariya Daivari Enlightenment: Daivari claims Oney Lorcan had it coming when he viciously assaulted him last week. He gave him six stitches and Lorcan cost him number-one contenders match for the cruiserweight championship. An incensed Lorcan comes running and drills Daivari with a steel chair shot, while crazily screaming “HOW DOES IT FEEL” Over and over until WWE officials pull him away.

Lucha House Party Rules: Lucha House Party announce that next week they will face The Singh Brothers in a Tornado Tag Team Match

Main Event time as Tony Nese makes his entrance for his one-on-one match with Akira Tozawa…who makes his entrance too.

Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa Number-one Contender Match

Both competitors tie-up…Nese overpowers Tozawa with a takedown. Nese off the top-rope with a moonsault..lands on his feet. Some hard kicks then Nese overpowers Tozawa for a one-count. Tozawa with a hurricanrana.Nese on the apron…Enzugiri connects and Nese falls to the outside. Rolling Senton drills Nese into the barricade. Back in the ring…Nese is controlling the pace now…Nese applying waist locks to wear Tozawa out. Tozawa with a comeback…Lifts Nese over his head for the slam…Nese to outside…Tozawa with a suicide headbutt that drives Nese over the announce table. Top-rope missile dropkick for a two-count.

Irish Whip…Tozawa floats over and applies the Iron Octopus submission…Nese reverses into a modified tombstone driver. Both competitors back up…Spinning heel kick from Nese…springboard moonsault…nobody home. Nese with the up-and-over splash to the outside. Throws Tozawa back in…lands the moonsault this time for a near fall. Tozawa lands stiff forearms…Nese reciprocates…Nese Pumphandle slam…reversed and Tozawa hits a stunning spinning enzugiri for another near fall. Tozawa up top and Nese meets him on the turnbuckle. Tozawa fights him off…sunset bomb reversed…Nese counters into a neckbreaker but Tozawa nails the Canadian Destroyer…Another near fall…Tozawa, senton splash…nobody home.

Back up now…Tozawa off the ropes…Crucifix pinfall attempt…nope…Nese rolls him up and picks him up and bombs him into the middle turnbuckle…1-2-foot on the rope. Nese back up…running Nese countered into a German suplex with a bridge,1-2-nope. Tozawa back up…Nese with some kicks, followed by German suplex in the corner. Nese goes for another running Nese…blocked…Tozawa flips around…Nese drops him and gets the 1-2-3. Tony Nese is the number-one contender.

Winner: Tony Nese

Post-Match Nese extends out his hand for a handshake, Tozawa pulls him in for an embrace…End of the show folks!

Chris KingOriginally written by Chris King