205 Live Landscape For 6/18/19 (Lorcan vs. Daivari)

Welcome to the go-home edition of 205 Live Landscape, each week we will break down the action of the amazing cruiserweights in WWE this week’s main event includes a one-on-one contest where Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari will add a new chapter in their bitter rivalry, one week after Daivari cost Lorcan the opportunity to become the number-one contender. Here at Pro Wrestling Post, we want to share with you the most exhilarating matches pro wrestling has to offer!

Tonight’s episode begins with a video of General Manager Drake Maverick addressing the conclusion…or rather not one, to last week’s fatal-four-way where both Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa pinned each other’s shoulders to the mat and left with no conclusive number-one contender.

He announces that since both competitors won the fatal-four-way, then Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak will face Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese in a Triple-threat-match at WWE Stomping Grounds this Sunday. The Lucha House Party will also be facing ‘The Bollywood Boyz’ Samir and Sunil Singh tonight. Let’s get this party started on the last stop before the pay-per-view.

We go live as a new voice to 205 Live SmackDown Live’s commentator Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to Ontario, CA. We’re kicking the show off with tag-team action as the Lucha House Party makes their entrance.

Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado ‘Lucha House Party’ vs. Samir and Sunil Singh ‘The Bollywood Boyz’

The bell rings as Samir Singh and Lince Dorado start the match off. Dorado with some punches, off the ropes, hits a shoulder tackle. Samir back up, Dorado lands a Springboard backflip and gets a hard slap to the face. Metalik in now some strikes and Dorado and he attempt a double-team maneuver, Samir counters…Metalik crashes to the mat. One-count as Samir slides outside. Sunil eats a dropkick. Double Arm-Drag… Wheelbarrow Senton and Dorado plank splash…two-count. Lots of taunting and gloating from The Singh’s. They isolate Dorado from tagging Metalik, some headlocks and when he sees an opening Samir on the outside and slams Gran Metalik face-first on the apron to prevent the tag.

Samir with a blind-tag to Sunil, Dorado doesn’t see…Beautiful Superkick and Russian Leg Sweep combo for another two-count. Sunil in and he eats a Golden Rewind a Springboard off the ropes into a backward stunner. Metalik gets the tag…Backward flips off the ropes…and hits a run-up arm-drag into a stunning dropkick…Metalik spins on ropes and nails a missile dropkick now…Dorado in..he catapults Metalik to deliver a modified dropkick that sends Sunil crashing to the outside. Metalik now with a super-high splash right onto Samir. Back in the ring…Dorado on the top turnbuckle…Shooting Star Press…Samir breaks the pin. The finish comes when Samir tries to grab Penelope the Pinata…it was a ruse and Samir gets a roll-up with the tights…1-2-3.

Winners: The Singh Brothers

Dar’s Demands: Noam Dar is sipping a drink here in Magaluf and rehabbing his knee…while claiming he’s not coming back to 205 Live until new safety procedures are set in place…Looks like Brian Kendrick was on the same flight as he walks right in and plays along for a minute. Kendrick better catch his private jet so he can compete…in two minutes…we head to commercial.

Back live as Brian Kendrick makes his way for his one-on-one match with Russ Taylor…on Raw Russ and Randy aka jobbers got annihilated by The Viking Raiders. Nothing to mention…Squash match Russ rocks Kendrick with a stiff forearm after that Kendrick obliterated him…Sliced Bread #2.

Backstage Jack Gallagher is interviewed by Sarah Schrieber as we see a clip of his contest with 205 Live newcomer Chad Gable. Gallagher was unable to make it back in the ring and was counted out. Schrieber asks him about his disappointing loss…Mike and Maria Kanellis interrupt. Mike calls him an embarrassment to 205 Live; as well as Maverick who’s absent from the show and, how Gallagher was gifted a golden opportunity and squandered it. Maria chimes in…WWE needs us…Gallagher challenges Mike for next week.

Ariya Daivari is out first for his match with Oney Lorcan in our main event.

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari

Right out of gate…. An uppercut to Daivari. Lorcan is firing on all cylinders as he continues the attack. Daivari outside…He tried to escape a few times but Lorcan prevents it. All Lorcan so far…Wants the half-and-half but Daivari counters…a Daivari’s Court that hyperextends Lorcan’s arm. Plenty of rest holds and more precise dissection of Lorcan’s injured arm, another Half and half attempt…Daivari drives him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. More methodical attacks on the arm. half-and-half reversed…Daivari locks in The Million Dollar Dream and Lorcan is down…Lorcan now driving Daivari in all four corners to escape the hold.

Armbreaker to Lorcan’s arm, iconoclasm off the top rope..1-2-kick out. Persian Lion nobodies home…Strikes and uppercuts from Lorcan…Running Blockbuster…1-2..nope. Hard chops to Daivari…Uppercuts…Million Dollar Dream…reversed into a half-and-half but Daivari rolls outside. Lorcan is crazed as he lands a spinning dive over the ropes…Daivari nails him with a steel chair to cause the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Oney Lorcan

He drills with some punches before sending Lorcan into the steel steps. Smashes him headfirst into the Titantron Tron…He’s not through and drops him with a ferocious Rainmaker on the ramp.

Triple-Threat-Promo: Tony Nese up first; he talks about the odds always stacked against him, while also declaring if Tozawa or Gulak want HIS Cruiserweight championship they are going to have to beat him. This felt forced… Nese needs to turn heel again.

Akira Tozawa acknowledges the task ahead of him…He promises to become a two-time Cruiserweight champion…Promos have never been a strong suit for him…He’ll speak volumes on Sunday with his high-flying maneuvers.

Drew Gulak is on last, this is a brand-new more focused Gulak. He tells a parable about terror never sleeping, and it correlates with the sadistic and calculated attitude he brings out. Call him sadistic, dangerous, and vicious, you will soon call him…Cruiserweight Champion!

That’s the show folks. WWE Stomping Grounds is in a few days. The main card will begin at 7 p.m. ET on the WWE Network this Sunday, with the kickoff pre-show will begin at 6 p.m.

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