205 Live Landscape For 6/11/19 (Tozawa vs. Lorcan vs. Carillo vs. Gulak)

Welcome to another edition of 205 Live Landscape, each week we will break down the action of the amazing cruiserweights in WWE this week includes a fatal four way involving Akira Tozawa, Oney Lorcan, Humberto Carillo, and Drew Gulak. Here at Pro Wrestling Post, we want to share with you the most exhilarating matches pro wrestling has to offer! Tonight’s episode begins with a Twitter video General Manager of 205 Live Drake Maverick sent out Monday evening ahead of Monday Night Raw.

On Monday, Maverick made a “Huge” announcement for this week’s episode; the main event will be a Fatal-4-way with Akira Tozawa vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak all battling it out to become the #1 Contender for Tony Nese’s Cruiserweight Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. Maverick also promised a “Surprise” this evening to make up for the past few weeks he’s been distracted while chasing after the 24/7 Championship on Raw and SmackDown Live.

We go live as Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to Sacramento, CA while promoting tonight’s “Huge” main event, and speculating who will be the “Surprise” tonight. We are kicking the show off with live action as Jack Gallagher makes his way down the ramp for his match.

His opponent’s music has not hit yet as we wait for his arrival; Chad “Freaking Gable” makes his debut, with a crisp short-haired look, ripped abs, and brand-new confidence! Holy crap folks if you’ve never seen Gable in action; you are urged to go back and revisit “American Alpha’s” (Gable and Jason Jordan) in NXT. He is a Triple-Crown Tag-team champion from NXT, Raw, and SmackDown Live. Gable has also competed in impressive singles bouts over the last few years on SmackDown Live and Raw!

Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable

Both competitors start the match off with a handshake; while jockeying for the position they apply a few rest holds and arm submissions. Gallagher takes advantage of his opponent’s foot as he locks in a seated version of a figure-four; and waves at Gable who rolls out of the maneuver with a wave back. Both competitors are trying to gain the advantage and throw each other off their game. Both superstars counteroffensive maneuvers; rolling through and over each other, Gable, however, lands an innovated Arm-Drag takedown and both competitors have a small standoff. Gable locks in a headlock for a minute until Gallagher performs a headstand to break the hold; he then turns to the crowd to show-off a little.

Gable pins Gallagher’s shoulders to the mat but it’s reversed into a monkey-flip; Gable still maintains the grip and executes a monkey-flip of his own followed by an armbar. Gallagher sends his opponent into the corner, but Gable flips over and is laying in wait for a pinfall attempt, but Gallagher takes advantage and gets a two-count. Incredible technical wrestling is on display. Gable lands a Half Nelson Pin Maneuver and gets a two-count. Shoulder block by Gable that knocks his opponent down;

Gallagher lands a dropkick to send Gable to the outside, then he throws him into the steel steps and makes his way back in the ring and signals for the referees’ ten-count to begin. Gable gets in right at nine; Gallagher applies an arm hold and twists his opponent’s fingers back while using joint manipulation, and extension of the arm to inflict more damage. Gable makes it to the bottom rope for a break.

Gallagher delivers three consecutive uppercuts to Gable which brings him to his knees; when Gallagher tries for another he gets countered into a backslide pin attempt for another two-count. Right as Gable makes it to his feet Gallagher dives right into the midsection to keep him down; Gallagher executes an impressive hanging suplex for a full twenty seconds and goes for another pinfall. Gallagher then uses Gable’s momentum against him and slings into both turnbuckles via an Irish Whip. He then jumps off the ring ropes and drops a nasty looking double knee drop to Gable’s lower back. When Gable makes it back to his feet, he returns the favor with a stiff Irish Whip of his own to Gallagher and another. He executes two belly-to-belly suplexes and rolls through to land the trifecta, but Gallagher blocks with some right hands but Gable turns him around for a high-angle dragon suplex and bridge for a long two-count.

Gable locks in an Ankle Lock as Gallagher is writhing in pain; he slides through though and locks in a devastating armbar, and now Gable is biting his lip to absorb the agony and fights to get back to his feet. Gable drops him with a tiger driver into a bridge pin and Gallagher manages to kick out after an extremely long two-count. Gable is stunned.

He goes for another ankle lock attempt; but gets his head driven into the turnbuckle, followed by a wicked lariat from Gallagher who is too exhausted to make the cover. Both competitors are spent after this grueling matchup. Gallagher sprints to his opponent in the corner but misses and lands on the mat; keeps the momentum and attempts a suicide dive but gets caught, Gable executes a German release suplex on the outside on his head. The referee begins the ten-count with Gable in the ring; Gallagher tries to get to his feet at eight but collapses, he springs up to make it before the ten triumphantly but the referee calls for the bell. Gable wins by count-out. What a freaking match… this one was hard-hitting with both competitors sporting wounds and bruises all over their bodies.

Tozawa Lorcan Carillo Gulak Gable
Credit: WrestlingInc

Winner by count-out: Chad Gable

Mike Kanellis Venting Session: Mike and Maria Kanellis barge into Maverick’s office and immediately blows his gasket about now being included in the fatal-four-way later tonight. He brings up that he was automatically deemed unworthy, and last week he begged Maverick to bring him the most elite competition but what does he do, he gives the challenge to Gallagher.

Maverick has had enough of their constant complaining since their arrival. Maria cuts him off as he brings up their social media status updates about their position; she then proclaims that we need a general manager who is actually present for his own brand, maybe he doesn’t need to be focused on their status and more concerned about his own while storming out.

Vic Joseph and the rest of the broadcast team revisits Drew Gulak’s ruthless attack on Noam Dar last week prior to his contest against Akira Tozawa. We see a live update from Dar; as he shares his concerns with 205 Live’s unsafe work environment. He says he will need three more weeks off for rehabbing his knee and if when he comes back changes are not made, he will put in a transfer request to become a permanent member of NXT UK.

Back to ringside as “The Bollywood Boyz” Simar and Sunil Singh are in tag-team action against Sacramento’s the Dos Locales aka (Jobbers). We also see a preview for next week as they will get their rematch Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik of “Lucha House Party” in a tag-team contest.

The Singh Brothers vs. The Dos Locales

Both Singh’s make quick tags in and out after only a few maneuvers and plenty of dancing and flaunting. Dancing continues…but Sunil gets rolled up for a two-count. Samir tags in and hits a spinning heel kick. They make quick work of the masked luchadors and finish them off with the “Bollywood Blast” which is a Demolition Decapitation.

Winner: The Singh Brothers

Interview With The Champ: Sarah Schreiber brings in Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese. He congratulates Maverick on finally giving him a challenger for his title; although he’s petitioned week after week to get a match with Tozawa, tonight’s match opens up new possibilities for upcoming title defenses.

Main event time! All four competitors make their way to the ring.

Akira Tozawa vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak

The action starts with a dropkick from Gulak to Carillo. Lorcan throws Tozawa outside. Carillo is on fire with several high-flying maneuvers. Lorcan gets the first cover of the match but only a one-count. Tozawa at separate times hoists all three men up and drops them face-first on the mat. Lorcan now delivers knife edge chops to both Carillo and Tozawa. Gulak and Lorcan form a mini-alliance but it quickly dissolves when Lorcan goes for the pin.

We see Nese looking on from a backstage television. Carrillo tries the ring rope walk but Gulak pulls him down and lands a wicked lariat for a solid two-count with Tozawa and Lorcan aside. He’s showing more of his new aggressive side from last week to all his opponents. Gulak is having his way with Carillo all over the ring. Tozawa gets launched by Carillo to land a hurricanrana on Gulak and then Lorcan gets arm-dragged onto Gulak in the turnbuckle.

Both Carillo and Tozawa break up pinfall attempts by each other and their mini alliance flies out the window until Gulak gets caught with a double superkick to the face. Tozawa drops another superkick on Carillo. Lorcan back in delivers a half and half on Carillo through Gulak on the mat. Tozawa breaks up the pinfall with a senton splash from the top rope. The WWE Universe is changing “205” now in appreciation of the superstar’s efforts. All four competitors are on the ring apron; Gulak and Lorcan get knocked outside, Tozawa flies over the steel steps and drills Gulak with a running senton to the barricade. Tozawa and Carillo have a standoff and before utilizing his handspring Arm-Drag. Lorcan hits a double-running blockbuster on both competitors.

Lorcan and Gulak have a battle of stiff chops and brawl to the crowd’s approval. Lorcan off the ropes takes out Tozawa and Carillo with a Tope Con Hilo. Ariya Daivari from out of nowhere nails Lorcan with a chair shot. He quickly gets removed by the referee but Lorcan cannot continue in the match. Carillo throws Gulak to the outside; Tozawa lands trouble in paradise, both Carillo and Tozawa climb to the top rope but Carillo gets shoved off by Gulak. He attempts a superplex… but Tozawa blocks with clubbing blows, Gulak nails him with a nasty headbutt. Superplex connects… both men roll each other up with both of their shoulders on the mat. The referee consults with the other official since there was no clear winner. Maverick comes out absolutely irate of the result. Tozawa, Maverick, and both officials are arguing in the ring as the show fades to black.


Winners: Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa by pinfall

Check back in next week for the latest edition of the 205 Live Landscape.

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