205 Live Landscape for 12/6/19 (Rush vs. Burch)

Welcome to the review of the December 6, 2019 edition of 205 Live. where we are 6 days away from the title rematch between Lio rush and Angel Garza on WWE NXT on USA. But before we get to that match, tonight’s 205 Live big main event pits the NXT Curisierweight Champion against the recently single debuted Danny Burch!

We kick off the show with both Tom Phillips and Aiden English stating that before their big title match on Wednesday, Lio Rush and Angel Garza have chosen each other’s opponent for tonight. For Garza, heading to the ring, Lio chooses Raul Mendoza.

Angel Garza vs. Raul Mendoza

For a second straight week, we get a great opening for this episode of the cruiserweight brand. Raul Mendoza continues to be one of the impressive standouts on the brand. From his rope balancing planchas to even his very unique barrel roll hurricanrana, Mendoza reminds me of the innovative luchadors that use to dominate WCW Nitro during the cruiserweight’s peak.

But Angel Garza is just too good right now. Even with the quoted Aiden the “Quítate los Pantalones”, Garza continues to be a natural fluent heel. PK kicks to the head and rope-assisted reverse suplexes into a superkick aside, Garza has found a rare position in WWE: embracing what has been given and capitalizing on it with the ring work. The exchange between these two were great and was actually main event worthy.

Sudden ending to the match as Mendoza, fresh off a corkscrew dive to the outside, tries to crawl back in the ring to capitalize on Garza but eats a superkick for his troubles which leads to The Wing Clipper for the W.

Winner: Angel Garza (via pin)

After the match, and small commercial, we get a highlight of last week’s main event of Angel Garza vs. Gentlemen Jack Gallagher including Jack’s eventual blow-up. We get a tweet from Jack which simply states “I’m Done”. Does this mean Jack is leaving the purple brand? We will find out eventually, as we get Tom Phillips fanboying of the Singh brothers and an interruption from Tony Nese. I guess we get blessed with the presence of The Premier Athlete.

Tony Nese vs. Trent Newman

Fresh off his loss to Aleister Black on Monday, Nese is back on 205 looking to get back in the win column. Impressive dominance throughout the beginning of the match shows why Nese is still one of the most talented men on the brand. Even with some nice offense from Newman with a European Uppercut and a Uso-like roundhouse enziguri, our local jobber becomes fodder to the former champion. A Running Nese for his trouble gets the former champ a victory in a match as long as the highlight video WWE posted.

Winner: Tony Nese (via squash)

Before our main event match, we get a promo from Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott leading into the intros of both Danny Burch and Lio Rush. I expect Scott to eventually get a title shot or be put towards the top of the 205 pecking order, but I digress.

Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch

Once again the creator, Triple H, has once again given us a match none of us never knew we wanted in tonight’s main event. Like last week’s match, we get that brash European style in Burch, with the fast and flashy athletic style of Rush which told an impressive story worthy of the main event. Side note here as we get the former NXT referee now main roster ref, Jessika Carr, getting the call on this match.

While Burch slowed down the match very quickly, Lio continues to amaze with his flexible offense and elite cat-like evasions. Rush is truly once in a lifetime superstar which is perfect for the current climate for 205 Live but Danny Burch is a bruiser who shows nothing but the experience here slowing down the champion including a devastating head butt to slow down Rush’s momentum toward the end of the match.

The set up to this ending was perfect to build for Wednesday as Lio Rush hits the signature move, The Come Up, as a counter to Burch’s second headbutt attempt. But as Rush ascends to hit the Final Hour frog splash, Angel Garza comes out to ringside shoving the champ off the top rope.

And to add insult to injury, he proceeds to low dropkick Burch for his trouble and hits Rush with The Wing Clipper.

Winner: Danny Burch (via DQ)

We end with seeing Angel pose, in what could seem like the perfect picture, with the NXT Cruiserweight Championship with a smile as you can see Lio on the mat in pain in the background.

While this is a great set up for Wednesday’s big title match here, there leave some interesting questions:

  • Will Danny Burch interrupt the title match?
  • Will it lead to an eventual Burch vs. Garza match if Garza wins?
  • And will Danny Burch get a title shot if Lio wins since he technically won this match via DQ?

As always, time will tell. Until next Friday!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.