World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 8

world sport wrestling

Two months. It’s been two months since my first World of Sport Wrestling preview for episode 8 and time has certainly flown! We’re at episode 8 of this run, and with just two episodes left, WoS Wrestling officials are letting the big guns loose, as this neatly done video package from their own Twitter account shows…..

If you’re a fan of the show and the wrestlers featured, then definitely give it a follow to stay up to date with what’s going on.

So now you’re “au fait” with what’s happening on this week’s show, let’s break it down (sorry for the crappy DX reference)

The Battle Of The Heavyweights


Newly crowned WoS Wrestling Tag Team Champion Iestyn Rees faces off against Davey Boy Smith Jr in a true clash of the heavyweights.

With Rees high off his tag team championship victory with Kip Sabian and Davey Boy Jr being the ultra-competitive (seriously see his work in NJPW with his tag team partner Lance Archer if you don’t believe me) professional that he is, this could be a proper bruising battle of the big bois.

Could we see Kip Sabian become a factor in this match? And if so, is Bulldog Jr strong enough to fend them both off? Either way, I’m sure that we fans will be treated to some big lads wrestling that really hasn’t been seen much on WoS Wrestling. Maybe something to change for the second season?

Viper/Ayesha – Whose The Dominant Female?

world sport wrestling
Photo/WoS Wrestling

A feud weeks in the making could come to a conclusion as these two women battle it out for supremacy of the women’s division, and probably (hopefully) become the number one contender to Kay Lee Ray’s WoS Women’s championship.

These two have made their feelings known over the last six weeks, being separated by fellow wrestlers and security after skirmishing in and around ringside and backstage, with both wanting to dominate not only each other but the whole women’s division.

I’m hoping for a knockdown drag out of a match as I know both are extremely capable. If I’m pushed to call a winner, I’ll have to say that I can see some kind of dusty finish here that will enable a triple threat for the Women’s championship on the last show involving the champion and both these women. Just a gut feeling – and the way I’d book too/

World of Sport Wrestling Mixed Match Challenge


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I think that bookers around the world have been reading my work. I call out WWE for not giving their MMC a second thought after their debut season and a week later a second season is announced!

I said a few weeks back that this exact match – Will Ospreay/Bea Priestley v Stevie Boy/ Kay Lee Ray – should happen and lo and behold, we have this exact match! Listen up promotions around the world, my contact details are at the bottom of my posts, hit me up and let’s see what we can arrange huh?

Anyway, back to the matter in hand…..

world sport wrestling

This could be such great match folks, I really hope this is the main event and gets at least 10-15 minutes (I know it won’t happen due to it being an hour-long show but a guy can dream right) to showcase how good Stevie Boy is. We all know about the global sensation Ospreay, we’ve seen KLR and Bea tear it up in the WoS ring, but we haven’t seen Stevie let loose so far. Check out his work in Insane Championship Wrestling, he’s been incredible for at least the last 2 years there. Put him in there with Will and magic will happen, trust me.

As for a result?….. I really think that Stevie/KLR will get a big victory here, possibly with KLR pinning Bea. Either way, all four will put on one hell of a match and bring the house down, mark my words.

Blake’s World of Sport Wrestling Fantasy Booking

I briefly spoke about this in my episode six preview but I want to expand it some more now as it’s appropriate – intergender tag matches.

This weekend will see, as far as I know, the first intergender tag match on UK terrestrial tv, and the hype for it has been as quiet as a mouse. Why?

This is big frickin news and it’s been announced as an afterthought or swept under the carpet even! This match should be highlighted by ITV themselves and pushed across both the press and social media like wildfire. Why?

Because wrestling has evolved so much that these matches are a staple on the indy scene around the world and shouldn’t be seen as taboo anymore. Add to the fact that WWE has started producing an entire concept around them. ITV and World of Sport Wrestling should be not only be jumping on the bandwagon but banging that drum so loud that it’s all we should be hearing.

The second season on WoS Wrestling should have more – a lot more – of these matches in my opinion. Make these matches as something to stand out from the crowd, which they’ll need to do with Revolution Pro Wrestling (a legitimate UK wrestling promotion) now getting a tv deal of their own.

WoS Wrestling has the talent, as shown by the Ospreay/Priestley and Stevie Boy/KLR combinations. You could throw Crater and Viper/Ayesha together, combine Grado and Kasey Owens, heck in the second season bring in more of the untapped UK women’s talent like Lana Austin, Livvii Grace, Bobbi Tyler, Nadia Sapphire……the talent is out there guys.

You have to move on, evolve and stand out in this industry, and even though it’s a tv show, it’s still a WRESTLING show at its heart. Keep pushing forward WoS and you could be on our screens for many years to come…..

That’s me done for today dudes & dudettes. I shall be back this Sunday with the review of Episode 8. I hope you’ll all join me back then.

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Until next time folks….