The Life and Tragic End of The Samoan Bulldozer

On March 28, 1973, Umaga (real name Edward Smith Fatu) was born in  American Samoa to mother Elevera Anoa’i and I’aulualo Fatu Sr.

In WWE, Umaga played a hard-hitting, tough son-of-a-gun. However, behind the curtain, Edward Smith Fatu was regarded as of the most sweet-hearted men in the industry.

Today, we take a look back at the life and tragic end of one of the most talented members of The Anoa’i Family.

Many wrestling fans do not know that the man born to become Umaga is the brother of both Tonga Kid and Rikishi.

Edward would train alongside his cousin, Matt Anoa’i (popularly known as WWE’s Rosey), at the Wild Samoan professional wrestling school. He would first debut in World Xtreme Wrestling.

In 1999, Fatu would debut in Japan’s Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. His first match would be at the FMW Round Robin Tag League 1999 event in a six-man tag team contest.

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