The Undertaker challenged Edge -  Hell in a Cell SummerSlam 2008

On August 17th, 2008, at SummerSlam 2008, The Undertaker challenged Edge in Hell in A Cell.

dead man walking

By 2008 The Rated R Superstar had done it all in the WWE. He was the WWE  Intercontinental Champion, WWE tag team champion, King of the Ring, Money in the Bank winner, WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion.

Living on The Edge -

crash and burn

As punishment Vickie reinstated the Undertaker. She also put Edge in the  Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam. Edge knew that to conquer the  Undertaker; he would need help from an unlikely source. He needed Mick  Foley.

The Rated R Superstar tried to convince Foley that it was Undertaker  throwing Foley off the Hell in A Cell that shortened his career.

This is the Edge that needs to face the Undertaker. If the  Undertaker wants to take me down I’m going to pull the Undertaker down  to hell with me .”

Edge Enters Hell against The Deadman

SummerSlam 2008 had a lot of personal matches. However, none were more  personal than the Main Event Hell in a Cell Match. As Edge walked to the  ring, he looked like a man possessed.



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