the great muta  japan's macabre monster 

Few wrestlers inspire as much awe and unease as the Great Muta.

the  mist blowing messiah

He’s the most famous face-painted wrestler in Japanese history. He has spent decades dazzling audiences with his incredible athleticism and unusual antics.s.

warrior in  darkness

And he has mastered the art of creating something inhuman out of the human sport of pro wrestling.

A terrorizing look

The Great Muta terrorized his opponents as much as he did fans that were looking on...


Muta is the alter-ego of Keiji Mutoh, who is one of the most iconic Japanese wrestlers of all time.

Muta’s Horrifying Visage

Muta isn’t a person; according to New Japan, he’s a demon born in Hell that uses Keiji Mutoh’s body as his physical manifestation on the mortal plane.

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