Shane Douglas - Throws Away the NWA Championship

In July of 1991, relations between World Championship Wrestling and The National Wrestling Alliance began to break down.


throws nwa title 

Ric Flair, then recognized as both WCW and NWA World Heavyweight  Champion, debuted for the World Wrestling Federation, taking the WCW/NWA  belt with him.

WCW insisted Flair vacated the title upon his departure in July.

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douglas throws away nwa title 

MMeanwhile, the NWA wouldn’t strip Flair of the title until he officially signed with the WWF in August..

all hail The franchise

WCW would crown a new champion on July 14th, when Lex Luger defeated Barry Windham at the Great American Bash.

DOUGLAS reigns supreme


However, the National Wrestling Alliance would leave their world heavyweight Championship vacant for almost a whole year.

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