nyla rose  - standing stone

The Oneida people, also known as Onyota’a:ka, are one of the six nations  which comprise the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois confederacy.



Onyota’a:ka translates roughly to “people of the standing stone.” It was thought that the Onedia could shapeshift, change into stones when pursued by warriors..

t was also thought that when the Oneida would travel that they would set  up their homes and build their camps around groups of standing stones. s.

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the great law of nyla rose

While growing up in the Washington, DC area, Rose inadvertently followed  in the path of another famous Onedia, actor Graham Greene, when she  pursued acting.r.

The native beast

origin story

Rose, a lifelong wrestling fan, also pursued some wrestling training with James Zaveski of Kyda Pro Wrestling.


“..Having martial arts training as well  as a theatre background really helped me progress through the program  quicker than some of the others as I was able to pick up on things a lot  quicker”.

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