Naomichi Marufuji  - The Mastermind Behind Modern Pro Wrestling

Think of the first image that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘modern professional wrestling’.

The mastermind


Is that image the sight of two wrestlers trading hard kicks back and  forth while no-selling each other’s offense? Is it daredevil acrobatics  and blistering speed?

'Noah’s genius'

The Need To Adapt

Getting Started

Every deck starts with a solid foundation. There are a few ways that a foundation system for a deck can be constructed and we’ll highlight three of them: footing, pier, and pier/footing.

He really started getting spotlighted at a time and in a place that was  in dire need of creating new stars quickly. Although he had debuted in  All Japan Pro-Wrestling in August 1998, he didn’t do much wrestling  beyond losing in prelim matches.

When he wasn’t training, Marufuji had to basically get Misawa whatever he needed.

This Is Where Marufuji Came In

Marufuji had incredibly high expectations to deal with as Misawa’s  direct protégé. And he also had to deal with the fact that he was small,  standing at barely 5’9 and barely weighing 200 pounds.

He was a good junior heavyweight, but that was about it. And  AJPW was always a heavyweight’s promotion, and many of the AJPW fans had  followed over to NOAH with similar expectations and tastes.



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