Luchasaurus - Millions of Years In The Making

As a wrestler, sometimes the key to longevity in the wrestling business is the ability to change.

For one man, it is your look and your style whenever you need to. This  can’t be more true for the phenomenon that is Luchasaurus.

Half dinosaur and half luchador, the roots of Luchasaurus, are a world away from the behemoth of a man.r.

Yet, he stands in the ring in promotions across the US and beyond. To  fully understand how Luchasaurus came to be, it might be worth going  back to the start.

Austin Matelson was born on March 10, 1985, in the good old California.

Starting his wrestling training under the Ballard Brothers Shane and  Shannon, Matelson made his in-ring debut in October of 2009 at New Wave  Pro Wrestling in Indiana

Alongside NWPW, during his early years in the business, Matelson also  wrestled matches in well-known American promotions from the National  Wrestling Alliance 

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