Kenta kobashi  vs  Dr Death  - Their Iconic 1993 Encounter

On August 31st, 1993, AJPW hero Kenta Kobashi and American badass ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams faced each other in an epic encounter.


dr death

You could not have a more perfect duo for a classic, hardnosed wrestling match.

On one side there was Kenta Kobashi. He was a rising star at the time,  looking to prove he was more than just a tag team wrestler.’..

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An Ideal Encounter

The Stakes

The winner of this match would become the #1  contender for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, AJPW’s top  prize. So both men brought their A-game.

On the other side, there was ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams, a monstrous  Oklahoman with an even more impressive pedigree than Kobashi.


Jockeying For  Control 

From the opening bell, this match was intense. The wrestlers forewent  the typical slow feeling-out process and tore into each other.

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