Kenta Kobashi - The Trailblazing Pillar in Puroresu

Standing at 6’1, weigh 250lbs. and possessing one of the most chiseled  physiques ever seen in Japan, Kobashi was a sight to behold.

But it wasn’t just his look that captivated audiences. Kenta Kobashi is,  quite possibly, the greatest professional wrestler that ever lived.

Kenta Kobashi was quite possibly the biggest beneficiary of All Japan  Pro-Wrestling booker Giant Baba’s King’s Road booking style.

Giant Baba always planned for the long term, and from the very beginning he saw a bright future for Kobashi.

So Giant Baba did what any smart booker did: he booked Kobashi to lose his first 63  matches. But this wasn’t a condemnation to a career of insignificance.

With each loss, Kobashi got ever closer to winning. A kick out here, a  second wind there. He kept trying and trying, never giving up.

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