kobashi vs sasaki    their big dream match

By mid-2005, Kenta Kobashi had done it all. He was GHC Heavyweight  Champion for over two full years. His run as champion included a  plethora of fantastic wrestling matches.

Kensuke Sasaki had been an NJPW mainstay for over a decade until he left  in 2002. He became a freelancer soon after and began working all over  the place. 

This put Kobashi at an immediate disadvantage given that he  had been dropped with that move many times over the years.

But Kobashi wasn’t going to let this outsider make a mockery of him.  Kobashi hulked up King’s Road-style and went right to work fighting  Sasaki with all his might.

Kobashi stayed in his comfort zone, landing variations of his  feared knife-edge chop to wear Sasaki down (while also foreshadowing  what was to come).

But Sasaki benefitted from taking bigger risks, landing a diving  splash to the floor and a top-rope frankensteiner, despite being a  heavyweight. Then things went to the next level

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