Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama -  An Amazing Match With The Wrong Ending

It was to be the conclusion of a rivalry born of that one unshakeable  human emotion: jealousy & it was that jealousy that caused one  wrestler to betray the other and turned a tag team into bitter rivals.

This took place on the thirteenth and final big match between Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama, and their feud was supposed to conclude at an event called NOAH Departure.

Kobashi and Akiyama had known each other since September 1992. Akiyama’s  first pro-wrestling match was against Kobashi, and although he lost, he  put up a very competitive effort in his debut match.

Kobashi was so impressed with Akiyama that he went to then-AJPW ace Mitsuharu Misawa and asked that Akiyama join their team.

Over the next several years, Akiyama spent most of his time teaming with established wrestlers like Misawa and Kobashi.

As AJPW’s ace and world champion, Misawa had the misfortune of having his partners turn on him one by one.

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