Jonah Rock - From TMDK To The Top Dog

At 32 years of age, Jermaine Haley first earned a name for himself on  the Australian wrestling scene. This is the journey of Jonah Rock.

For the first eleven years of his career in Australia. It was during  this time when Reed captured title after title all over the country.

Over the course of the first eleven years of his career, the man known as Jonah Rock captured several titles along the way.

The native of Adelaide, South Australia, Haley wasn’t content with only  competing in the land down under would also move around Europe and Asia  as well.

The key to any competitor’s success is growth. With greater  opportunities come a greater chance for growth and subsequent success.  What isn’t typically shared about is his Samoan heritage.

In order to reach those goals, it comes with support, and nearly fourteen years ago, his support came in the way of his wife.

"I’m me. I’m personable I’m happy. But I get into the ring, something clicks, and something happens. It’s game time."

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