Homicide -  The Rise of the King of New York, The  Notorious 187

“Until the day Homicide is in the grave, there will be no other King of New York...


"...Homicide will always be the King of New York because every  New Yorker that has made it from my generation or the generation after  me, it was because of Homicide..."

He (Homicide )mentored all of us. He may not have trained us, but he  has mentored all of us. So, until the day he’s in the ground, there is  no other King of New York. 

Any match he had with Bryan Danielson or Colt Cabana in Ring  of Honor. The match with him and Samoa Joe from Do or Die, you felt the  shift. 

People actually started to see, ‘Oh, Homicide is not a guy  with blood and guts, he can actually go.’ Anytime he and Low Ki went at  it. 

He’s a jack of all trades. It sounds like I’m kissing his  a**, he’s my best friend and saved my life. If you know, you know. If  you don’t, keep it moving.” 

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