Herb Abrams: The Ill Fated Odyssey of the UWF

The year is 1990, and if we are examining the landscape of professional wrestling in North America.

As the old saying goes, very few make it to billionaire status by  cozying up to those who stand in your path or might tend to impede your  steamrolling progress. Would this be the case for the Herb Abrams and  UWF?

The modus vivendi of the day was going big; go National or lick your  wounds and fold your tent for good. But unfortunately, very few had the  backbone nor backing to go that route.

While many were called, few were chosen. Finally, a New York-based  impresario with no prior background in the wrestling business by the  name of Herb Abrams pitched an idea to Sports Channel America.

A new promotion named the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) which  would be a blend of old-time Wrestling spiced up with a side of  Hollywood glitz.

The game plan, while lofty, did not have anything close to the sought as a result. Abrams did not hesitate to sign some of the most recognizable names  in the sport who were free agents after being let go by the three major feds of the day, 

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