Cody Rhodes  - The Rise of the American Nightmare

The stakes were high. If the Rhodes boys won, they would reclaim their  jobs in WWE. But if they lost they &  their father would be terminated.

Cody would return to TV as the character known as Stardust. Wearing a full-body suit and face paint, Stardust was clearly influenced by Goldust. 

Tensions arose in 2015, as Stardust became a more dominant personality, even to the point where the mere mention of the name “Cody” drew his ire.

Cody Rhodes  - The Rise of the American Nightmare

Out from under the WWE umbrella, Cody worked the independent circuit, wrestling such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. 

This wasn’t enough, though, as Cody had greater aspirations. He debuted in Ring of Honor in December of 2016, turning heel against Jay Lethal following a babyface welcome from the fans.

Cody’s time in New Japan Pro Wrestling kicked off with a bang. Following  his announcement that he would be joining Bullet Club, Cody set his  sights on the Tokyo Dome.

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