Brooke Valentine - Queen Been Reigns Supreme

Like most independent professional wrestlers, the Queen Bee Brooke Valentine had to maneuver her way through a turbulent 2020. .

Travel bans, shows canceled, and promotions closed; it wasn’t easy for anyone making their name as an indie wrestler.

Some took this as a sign to hang up their boots. Others  used it to stay motivated, knowing the light at the end of the tunnel  meant a return to performing in front of the masses.

Brooke Valentine used the time to heal up from some nagging injuries while reestablishing her love of professional wrestling.

Entering the year full of momentum and  then having it take away due to the COVID pandemic put a damper on  Valentine’s passion for the sport.

“I  kind of let 2020 defeat me a little bit. I honestly considered just  being done. Coming off a big injury, I was just hurt, tired, and worn  down.”

"About  halfway through the year, I realized this was still what I loved. I was  the reason I wasn’t enjoying it, but when I switched my mentality,.." 

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