Andrade El Idolo –  The Rise of La Sombra

Andrade is a third-generation superstar who started training with his father and uncles at a young age.

Debuting at age 14, working in his family’s promotion in Durango,  Mexico. He begun working under the name Brillante Jr in honor of his  father.

Andrade continued to work for the promotion until he turned 18 when he signed for one of the biggest promotions in Mexico, CMLL.

"..This does not necessarily give me an advantage over others. I  still have to work hard at my craft and soak in everything from the  great coaches and trainers”

“..I especially enjoyed training with each of them and all the people I was  fortunate enough to work within CMLL & I have nothing but fond  memories of my time there and will miss a lot of things. 

I don’t want to be four or five years doing nothing and  just receiving a check & I was asked for maybe a year in NXT, then  return to the [main roster] and see how things change.”

Written by Betty Doe July 23, 2020

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