Aja Kong – The Standard Bearer In Women’s Wrestling

Few women have had as much of an impact on women’s wrestling as Aja Kong. She is the standard-bearer for all women’s wrestlers that ‘don’t fit the mold’.

Instead of being a skinny woman with little wrestling skill wearing even less clothing, Kong was and still is the women’s wrestling version of Big Van Vader.

Aja Kong – A Difficult Start Erika Shishido, the woman behind the Aja Kong persona, became so vicious and notorious. This is due to a combination of her upbringing and her creed.

She was born to a Japanese woman and an African-American father, the latter of whom left the family when she was only five years old.

She was ostracized by her peers at school, not only due to her mixed racial background but also for coming from a broken home, as Japanese culture frowns upon divorce to this very day.

Looking for an escape from the teasing and cruelty of her school life, she beat 2,500 other applicants to be accepted to the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) dojo.

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