The Revolt Discusses NXT & Final Meeting with Vince McMahon

The former Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival made an appearance on Talk Is Jericho this week. Now known as Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler, in their first interview since their WWE release. The former WWE tag team champions had much to say about their former employer on Chris Jericho‘s Talk is Jericho. The Revolt discusses an array of topics including NXT and their final meeting with Vince McMahon. To read excerpts of the interview below visitors can do so below.

Harwood started by talking about their time in NXT, where their talent was soon noticed by Dusty Rhodes. “Dusty was our biggest supporter,” he said. “He said ‘The way you guys work, the way you guys look, and the way you guys talk, you’re going to have to work harder than anybody else to get where you want to go but I know you can do it.’ and that really stuck with me.” Wheeler then related that Dusty decided the two should form a team after seeing them cut a promo together in class.

After a brief digression about their southern accents, the interview transitioned to their last days in the WWE. They first asked for their release in January of 2019. This came after having fun, but unsatisfying time on the 2018 Christmas Tour. The two thought very carefully about when to request their release. “After this loop we decided to wait until we were on the upswing so it didn’t look like we were upset because we were losing,” Wheler explained. That way people know that it’s not just about us, it’s about the tag team division as a whole.”

The Revolt Discusses NXT and Final Meeting with Vince McMahon

They then went onto describe their dissatisfaction with the current state of tag team wrestling in WWE. “We’re still adamant that long term there’s just not enough attention paid to the tag team division,” Wheeler said, noting Braun Strowman’s tag team championship win with a 10-year-old fan at WrestleMania 34. “When we asked for our release, we went straight to the top and asked for it,” Harwood chimed in. “I think they thought we were just bluffing.” The company offered them a big push and a title run, to which Wheeler responded “Look, it’s not about the tag belts. We don’t care about winning the tag belts, we don’t care about having a big run. We want the whole division to be featured.”

Later on, Harwood recalled their final meeting with Vince McMahon, when the comedy gimmick was pitched to them. “Hand on the bible, I laughed out loud in front of everybody,” he said. The higher-ups in the room (McMahon, Pritchard, Carano) were not happy about this reaction. “They were all very serious. They told us that it would be a good idea, that we could show that we could be more than serious, straight-faced ass-kickers.” Harwood then explained that they would have done the gimmick and given it 110%, but they would not have re-signed their contracts. The following week, they were pulled from TV. Harwood believes either Vince genuinely thought the clown-like gimmick was a good idea. This or it was an attempt to embarrass them on their way out.

Listen to The Revolt as they discuss their legacy in NXT and much more on Talk Is Jericho here.