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Turner Classic Movie Ran

Turner Classic Movie Ran Gorgeous George Footage

Turner Classic Movie (TCM) cable channel ran, with opening and closing narrative, the classic Let the Good Times Roll music documentary on rock's architects like...

Cassandro the Exotico – A Celebration of El Exotico

Cassandro the Exotico. It’s often the story in the world of pro wrestling that a wrestler plays a character to perform in front of...
A&E Presented 'Macho Man'

A&E Presented ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage | Biographies

The third episode of the A&E original biography series presented the life and times of Macho Man Randy Savage. The faces and names involved...
The Mega Powers REUNITED

The Mega Powers REUNITED | Rivalries

Macho Man Randy Savage was now a broadcaster and enjoying life outside the ring. Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, was turning back challenges...
Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown, Former Tag Team Legend Passes Away, Age 83

On Tuesday, September 15th, veteran wrestler Gerald "Jerry" Brown visited his daughter. Hours later, his son found him dead in the trailer where he...
Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner | An Unlikely Wrestling Fan | Where Are They Now?

The late/great comic genius/actor/director Carl Reiner was an admitted pro-wrestling fan "since the fifties. I loved Gorgeous George but also guys like Buddy Rogers,...
TiTan Championship Wrestling Winters Vengeance

TiTan Championship Wrestling’s Winters Vengeance A Triumph

When a new promotion sets out to put on a tight, professionally run, quality card and does just that they are worth applauding. Titan...

Killer Kowalski Paid Homage to Woody Strode at the 1992 Sam Muchnick Convention

In 1992, revered long-time St. Louis based wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick was honored at a convention organized by noted wrestling journalist/historian/photographer Dr. Mike Lano....
Bruno Sammartino

Bruno: A Look Back At My Childhood Hero

It’s June 24, 1974. I’m a skinny, 14-year-old and it’s my first wrestling match EVER. My heart is beating out of my chest because...
B Brian Blair

B Brian Blair former WWE superstar talks Jim Brunzel, & WWE

In an interview originally conducted in September 2002, B Brian Blair has experienced a great deal in wrestling. His career in the wrestling ring...