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Nikolai Volkoff

My Friend Nikolai | Ginzburg’s Gab

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of my beloved friend, Nikolai Volkoff. Marc Madison asked me to do a piece on him...
One Division Rumble

One Division Rumble Presented By Imperial World Wrestling

The Wrestling and Hip-Hop Connection with Imperial World Wrestling (IWW): Present One Division Rumble Imperial World Wrestling (IWW) is a sports brand owned by the...
My Friend Melissa Coates

My Friend Melissa Coates

My friend, Melissa Coates was a champion bodybuilder gracing the covers of innumerable fitness mags around the world, a professional wrestler (and later valet...
When It - Was My Life On Both Sides of the Camera

When It Was My Life On Both Sides of the Camera (By Romer &...

When It Was - My Life On Both Sides of the Camera By Scott Romer & John Cosper Scott Romer is that Damon Runyonesque character...
Carlos (Los) Espada

Carlos (Los) Espada renaissance man discusses wrestling, film & comics

Carlos came from a family of professional wrestlers and entertainers. His father and uncle were masked Luchadors called The Silver Angels, Carlos (Los) Espada....
Joey Cassata

Joey Cassata (Joeylicious) discusses wrestling career, music & more

I have done radio, TV, and film for over 30 years and few folks I've encountered have as eclectic a resume as Joey Cassata....
Mr Big

Mr Big discusses career, lost ‘brothers and sisters’, and more

Mr Big is that tough guy smooth-talking heel manager that we miss so much these days. He's just that at a burly 6'2- with...
Jules Strongbow

Jules Strongbow | Riding The Quieter Trail

At the age of 32, Jules Strongbow, né Francis Huntington, was sitting at the summit of the wrestling world. He and his kayfabe sibling,...
Mark The Bison Smith

Mark ‘The Bison’ Smith, More Than A Super Destroyer | In Memoriam

Mark Smith was more than a wrestler to me. He was more than a talent inside the ring. He was a friend. From the...

James ‘Kamala’ Harris | Missing My Friend

This week after his valiant heath and financial issues battle, the wrestling world lost 'Kamala' James Harris. Cauliflower Alley Club and, more recently, the kind...