Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode #5 with PCW ULTRA’s Brody King

Brody King
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As a former trainee of the Santino Brothers Training Academy, Brody King has emerged as a must-see feature and one of the fastest rising independent wrestlers over the last few years. King continues to show fans that he can rise to the occasion and never appears to rest on his laurels competing all over North America.

King continues to grow in popularity competing regularly in both the United States and Canada. He has earned a name for himself and begun to turn heads of those looking to bring in emerging talent. Could we see the likes of Brody King in a major promotion such as IMPACT Wrestling, Ring of Honor or the WWE? If his work ethic and willingness to move around is any indication he will certainly get himself seen by the right amount of people. The big man can kick hard and kick often leaving most of his competitors in the dust. He provides a threat for any championship he challenges for.

As a talent that gained notoriety on the Pacific North West, King has a bright future ahead of him turning heads in the process. It is only a matter of time before King is scooped up by a major promotion and on television. He has competed in both North America and Canada with a bright future and new opportunities ahead of him. His match against a notable German wrestling star is believed to be what turned people’s heads when watching him. Who was it? What was the result? To hear our interview please check out your listening options below.

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