Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode #6 with IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose

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The former two-time Impact Grand Champion earned a name for himself competing in the National Football League. As a six-year professional, Impact Wrestling’s Moose discusses an array of topics including his matchup against Impact Wrestling champion Austin Aries at Slammaversary XIV. Moose’s skillset has evolved to a new level where he has now getting the opportunity to show his versatility both on the mic and in the ring. His character has long been having to fight the stigma attached with being a former football player that has transitioned to the squared circle.

Moose has long prided himself on being the most complete talent in the ring. He has adjusted his in-ring game to reflect something unlike what he use to do in the ring. Moose would rather use his skillset to best reflect his character, his size and understand the longevity of his career. He doesn’t appear to focus on only what stands before him but rather what is still to come. It is all about career placement in years time and not just the present. What does the future hold for Moose? If the present is any indication it is certainly a bright one.

During our conversation, Moose shared his current status with the promotion and how the likes of Curtis Hughes has helped contribute to his early development and transition. He also shares that he has altered his in-ring style to reflect a a character that is indicitive of his size and style. Moose has arrived. Where have his greatest improvements stemmed from being a professional today? What does he think of intergender wrestling? Listen to our interview below.

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