Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode #23 with Eric Van Wagenen

Eric Van Wagenen
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In this archived edition recorded in 2015, we speak with Eric Van Wagenen one of the Executive Producers of Lucha Underground. Upon the rise and popularity of the program on the El Rey Network, Van Wagenen discussed an array of topics. He begins to take about how the show concept and vision originally came about. The show was under the umbrella of several Mark Burnett programs that became popular with other reality-based programs. Van Wagenen brought with him a wealth of experience going into this project including working with the WWE for what was their initial season of Legend’s House.

The program had come off the finale that could be what put one of today’s most popular independent stars on the map in Pentagon Jr. Van Wagenen was asked about what storylines fans could anticipate for an upcoming season and if it was much like what fans could anticipate from the season before. He continues on discussing the original vision of the program and if it was meant to go into the realm of science fiction as much as it had been.

One of the questions he was asked about was the likeliness that the program is made available on a streaming service or those with no access to the program outside the country. Listeners will have to check in to hear what his response was to that question. Van Wagenen was also asked about what they need to consider when casting the talent for the show. He speaks of the shows early success and why he believed it connected with an audience. To listen to Eric Van Wagenen or any previous edition of the Pro Wrestling Post podcast click the links below.

Also to read the transcribed version of this podcast as our interview with Eric Van Wagenen click here.

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