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Powerslam Review

Powerslam Review OTT Wrestling A Haven for Monsters (6/2/18)

In my latest Powerslam TV review, I chose to view Over the Top (OTT) Wrestling’s A Haven for Monsters from June. This will be...
Bill DeMott

Audio Edition with Bill DeMott

As a student of Johnny Rodz himself, Bill DeMott shared his knowledge and experience with everyone he's come into contact with. He wrestled under...
Scotty Riggs holding belt ready for action

Scotty Riggs talks WCW and ECW & Buff Bagwell

Former WCW and ECW wrestler Scotty Riggs recently took some time to participate in an interview. Riggs reveals his work with WCW and ECW,...
Eddy Thorpe

Eddy Thorpe – The New Found Sensation for The First Nations

A decade can make all the difference in the world of a professional wrestler, Eddy Thorpe. The man who first cut his teeth as...
WWE Sunday Night RetroView with Marc Madison

Survivor Series 1988 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On November 24th, 1988, the WWF presented Survivor Series 1988. The event took place in the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio. Gorilla Monsoon and...
The Rock and The Game Triple H

The Rock and Triple H | The Culmination of Their Career Defining Rivalry

Earlier in their career, The Rock & The Game Triple H would battle one another in a quest to find out who would be...
Pro Wrestling NOAH Satruday Night RetroView with Ethan Black

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4 | Pro Wrestling Noah Saturday Night RetroView

On November 22nd, 2020, Pro Wrestling Noah aired their 20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4 on FiteTV & Wrestle Universe. We had eight matches. Included...
Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan

Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan – Tearing Down The 2014 Royal Rumble

On November 22nd, 2014, Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan brought the house down. It feels like forever since the days of the cult leader...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

Hog Wild 1996 | WCW Sunday Night RetroView

Wrestling fans join me on a trip back to a time when one company challenged WWE for the top spot in the world of...
The Mega Powers REUNITED

The Mega Powers REUNITED | Rivalries

Macho Man Randy Savage was now a broadcaster and enjoying life outside the ring. Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, was turning back challenges...