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#Preview wXw Presents wXw Toronto

  wXw Germany is coming to Toronto for two action-packed shows.  The first one was Ambition 11 om the Thursday.  Then on Friday, August 9th...

#Preview: wXw Presents Shortcut To The Top 2019

wXw Germany presents Shortcut To The Top 2019 on Saturday, August 3rd.  Featuring a 30 competitor battle royal match up.  Battle Royals are always...

#Preview: wXw Presents Drive Of Champions

wXw Germany present Drive Of Champions live in Hamburg Germany on Friday, June 14th, 2019. wXw has been putting on amazing matches since their...

#Preview wXw Presents Superstars of Wrestling 2019

wXw Germany has been having a memorable calendar year with some of the most memorable matches in the industry.  wXw consistently is producing some...

#Preview : wXw Presents True Colors

May 11th, 2019 the true colors of the women and men of wXw Germany will be shown with some incredibly exciting wrestling matches planned...

#Preview: wXw Presents Amerika Ist Wunderbar

It is a Wunderbar time of year wrestling fans, we are only a matter of days before the most active time for...

wXw Presents 16-Carat Gold

wXw is the leading wrestling company in Germany and quite arguably one of the finest in all of Europe. wXw is widely...
Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher | The Fighter In & Outside Of The Pit

With a sixteen-year career behind him, 'toothless' Timothy Thatcher has earned a reputation behind him. Thatcher is considered by many as one of the...
Bandido Could Bandido Be Out of Action for Nearly 2 Months

Bandido – The Rise of The Heroic Bandit

A bandit is often shrouded in mystery and leaves those around them wondering what just happened. For masked luchador, Bandido his eleven-year career has...
Gunther and Sheamus

Gunther and Sheamus | The Ring General BATTLES The Celtic Warrior

On September 3rd, 2022, the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be on the line at a first-time Premium Live Event, Clash At The Castle, when...