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3 Puroresu and 3 Joshi Top Talent To Watch for 2021

3 Puroresu and 3 Joshi Top Talent To Watch for 2021

As 2020 is about to come to a close, we have 2021 to look forward to in terms of wrestling. But who...
Momo Watanbe

Momo Watanabe – A Queen’s Quest | Joshi Spotlight Watch

Momo Watanabe - A Queen's Quest Sixteenth-century English poet Edmund Spenser wrote in his Epic poem "The Faerie Queen" the following line: "For there is...
Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano | The Iconic Trailblazing Joshi Warrior

If there is one thing professional wrestling has never been short of, it is “bull.” Wrestling has contended with Pitbulls, British Bulldogs, Brahma Bulls,...
Utami Hayashishita

Utami Hayashishita | Joshi Spotlight Watch

In celebration of her 5Star Grand Prix victory not too long ago, figure it be best if she gets the spotlight for...
Akira Hokuto

Akira Hokuto Producing Joshi Promotion ‘Assemble’

With shows in the wrestling scene on a small decline, including the Joshi scene, we have received some big news out of...

Maki Itoh & the Spectacle of Fame | Joshi Spotlight Watch

Public figures, athletes, politicians, and celebrities. They each carry the weight of public scrutiny. Often, when fans uncover who their idols really are, the...
Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida | The Joshi Idol Who Would Become A Champion

When it comes to the women’s division of All Elite Wrestling, the hits keep coming. Recently, it was announced that AEW signed the international...
Kyoko Inoue - Manami Toyota

Kyoko Inoue vs Manami Toyota – 4/25/92 | On This Day

‘On This Day’ is a commemorative article series dedicated to specific events, matches, and occurrences in wrestling history. We revisit those key moments and...
WWE NXT Preview Weekly WWE announced NXT Will air live

WWE NXT Preview for 4/20/21 (Sarray to Make Her Debut!)

In the latest WWE NXT preview, we look at what is planned along with what to anticipate on the 4/20/21 episode of the show....

Sarray | A Young Prodigy Forged in Fire

Sareee, known now on the cusp of her WWE NXT debut as Sarray, is a Joshi wrestler from the Itabashi-ku district of Tokyo, Japan....